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Pearl by Josh Malerman

‘Pearl’ by Josh Malerman is a masterpiece, that’s right, I said it. Formally known as ‘On This, The Day of The Pig’ and given a limited edition release, ‘Pearl’ is a rebranding of sorts, it is now publishing through Del Rey Books and I for one am thrilled by this news, as it means a

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A House At The Bottom Of A Lake by Josh Malerman

When I was about sixteen / seventeen it was a different time, it was a time without gadgets and phones, it was a time when you went exploring with friends or by yourself, it was a simpler time, a time I sometimes long for for my children, a time when you didn’t have to conform

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Malorie by Josh Malerman

Malorie starts straight out of the gates, some time has passed for Malorie and her children in the school of the blind, they’ve found a way of surviving, a way to live a way to hone their skills and be safe from the things that are outside, the things that drive people mad. But Malerman

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