Tag: Based on a true story

FICTION: Heartfelt by James Stack

Ginny awoke with a grin it being a notable day. Her black-silk nightgown slipped further up her torso as she slid onto her left side. It had progressively risen with each change of position, having begun at her knees. Sliding such that it tickled her thighs and then buttock, it shimmied as if to amuse

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FICTION: Watermoon by Elena Malkov

A large, square window dominated the front room. Under it stood the dining table. An antique sideboard laden with cut crystal bowls and vases hugged the opposite wall. There was no curtain or blind to shade the window, and in the afternoon, its geometric profusion of light overwhelmed the small space. When rain poured, it

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BOOK REVIEW: Based On A True Story by Delphine De Vigan

If a novel is based on a true story, does that mean it mirrors reality or replicates its every detail, every twist and turn, wink and word? Based on a True Story by multi-award-winning French author Delphine de Vigan has us asking this, and similar questions, on every one of its 300-something pages. Her novel, translated

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