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The Literary Prize By Chris Lee

Bastards all.  Self-righteous, narcissistic, self-pitying, craven, cringing, oleaginous, vile, dribbling, deluded bastards. They all think they should win; they all think they deserve to win. And here they are. And here I am. We’re sitting on a platform; we’re waiting to read. They will read from the ghastly excretions that they have forced before the

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The 2018 Moulinie Awards!

Ladies and gentlemen; boys and girls; children of all ages, welcome to my anti-Academy Awards, The Moulinie Awards. Now, first I must apologise; these awards were meant to coincide with the real deal in February, yet, due to technical issues – my laptop has been been very unwell (thoughts and prayers please) – it has

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FILM: The Moulinie Awards

We know that the Oscars were in February, but resident STORGY reviewer Joshua Moulinie wasn’t happy with the results! Therefore he’s put together his own categories for STORGY’s own award ceremony – THE MOULINIE AWARDS! Do you agree with our nominated list? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @morestorgy Without further delay, here

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