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Matthew Baker

We are delighted to bring you a STORGY exclusive interview with Matthew Baker the author of ‘Why Visit America’ which is being published by Bloomsbury Books. Matthew is a stunning author and this collection is something quite urgent, that speaks to the here and now – and it is our belief that this book will

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INTERVIEW: Benjamin Myers

(Photo by Julian Germain with permission from Bloomsbury) STORGY had the great privilege of interviewing Benjamin Myers about his forthcoming book The Offing (Bloomsbury) which is published on the 22nd August 2019. In your own words could you tell us about The Offing? It’s the story of a chance meeting between a naïve young man

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EXCLUSIVE: On Writing and Storytelling with Olivia Kiernan

There is one thing that’s unshakeable about Irish culture and that’s our desire to tell stories. It’s not too much to say that in Ireland, writer or no, the ability to spin a good yarn is seen as a very favourable quality. And I grew up around some great storytellers. Some of my earliest childhood

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