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Summary : A series of disasters appears to be hitting the USA. A young man (Theo James) has to get all the way across America to save his pregnant fiancee (Kat Graham) with the help of her ex-militarily father (Forest Whitaker), who hates his guts. Netflix tries its hand at funding an end of the

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-Can you tell us a little bit about Nik Korpon? I’m from Baltimore and have two beautiful kids who are slowly trying to destroy me. (My parents told us we have the kids we deserve, in both a good way and a karmic way.) I watch way too much soccer (¡Visca Barça!) and I’ve been

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BOOK REVIEW: Sleeping Beauties

Hodder & Stoughton bring us the absorbing, provocative and quite outstanding ‘Sleeping Beauties’ written by father and son duo Stephen and Owen King. The book is set in the town of Dooling and Dooling Correctional Institute; a woman’s prison that contains a rag tag bunch of convicts who all seem quite settled in their way

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