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Annihilation Radiation: Available Now!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! We are delighted to announce the publication of our apocalyptic anthology; Annihilation Radiation. Ebook available now and paperback available soon. Featuring the finalists of STORGY Magazines’s Annihilation Radiation Short Story Competition the Annihilation Radiation Anthology contains 18 short stories by an array of talented apocalyptic authors. Zip up your hazmat suit and hunker in

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FILM REVIEW: Annihilation

Annihilation is the second big screen directorial endeavour from Alex Garland, who made a name for himself initially by writing The Beach, which was closely followed by The Tesseract. He then began working on a number of Hollywood scripts including 28 days later, Sunshine and a personal favourite of mine, Dredd. In 2015 he dipped his directorial toes into the film

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