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BEST BOOKS: Ross Jeffery’s Best Books Read in 2018

Our head of books has been rather busy this year and has had a remarkable turnover of reviews. Reading everything that has come his way, from the big publishers to many a independent press and so we feel he’s the guy to talk to you about his best books of 2018 – or the year

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FICTION: Silent Witness by Andrea Hardaker

I honestly couldn’t say whether the bird was injured or not when she found it. V often stumbled across animals that were hurt. Like the time she’d found a cat with not one but two broken legs. She never did explain where she got it from and I was too afraid to ask. But anyway,

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FICTION: A Quirk of Nature by Andrea Hardaker

The flash flood hit with a vengeance, forcing water down from the top of the moor in torrents. It seemed as if a whole new river had sprung up overnight, snaking through the heart of the town. Kit stood on her front step, shivering. There was something unnatural about it all. The way the hill

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