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BOOK REVIEW: The Cuban Club by Barry Gifford

Pushing back on the perceived notions of 1950’s America – the good old days, the easy life, prosperity and opportunity in a post-war boom USA – Barry Gifford’s The Cuban Club is a coming-of-age collection void of rose-tinted glasses. Here, life occurs, real life – the losses, the love, pain, violence, death, sex, childhood and

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BOOK REVIEW: America is Not the Heart by Elaine Castillo

What is it exactly that makes a good character? Everyone seems to have an opinion. Plot is not the point, didn’t you know? It’s character. Or, if you want to be pernickety like Hemmingway, you could say ‘that when writing a novel, the writer should create living people, people not characters.’ Ah people, well that

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FILM ARTICLE: The Punisher and the desensitised society we live in

“Frank Castle has spent years exacting vengeance for the deaths of his family by punishing criminals everywhere. His skull insignia inspires fear throughout the underworld. But Punisher’s appeal rests on more than his ability to do what the rest of Marvel’s heroes won’t. He’s a tragic figure – even a profoundly selfish one in some

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