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BOOK REVIEW: Slender Man by Anonymous

Lauren Bailey has disappeared, and Matt is having nightmares. I don’t often read horror, though I’m not sure why as I love horror films, but the Slender Man urban legend is such an intriguing pop-culture focus that I really wanted to read this one. I found the story gripping and the composition expertly crafted. The

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BOOK REVIEW: A Time Of Dread by John Gwynne

After a brief hiatus from reading fantasy, A Time of Dread was an exceptional foray back into the genre. It has everything I love about epic heroic fantasy; ambiguous factions, world intrigue and a mix of magic and mythos, not to mention varying perspectives from exquisitely realised characters. If you’re looking for something to fill the

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BOOK REVIEW: XX by Angela Chadwick

A phenomenal work of speculative fiction, XX follows the story of Jules and Rosie, one of the first female-only couples to have their own baby without the help of a man. When a place opens up on a ground-breaking clinical trial to allow two women to have a baby, Jules and Rosie jump at the

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