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Split by Kathryn Kulpa

When I met him my life split down the middle. Before him and after him. Like history, B.C. and A.D., except I never understood why, if B.C. means Before Christ, A.D. isn’t A.C. After Christ. The first time we had sex I thought I would split in two. I felt my body pushed to some

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Bullets In The Face by Cheryl Powell

Guy in a pizza uniform gets on the train. His face is shot full of holes. ‘Do you mind if I sit here,’ he says, voice high, ice-green eyes unblinking. I move my feet. ‘Not at all.’   I know what he is, but good manners cost nothing. He sits down opposite and I count the

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BOOK REVIEW: Flight or Fright edited by Stephen King & Bev Vincent

Flight or Fright brings together 17 turbulent tales which will strike terror into those who especially have a fear of flying but will quite frankly scare the pants off of anyone who has ever been on a plane…these stories will get that grey matter ticking, whirling it into overdrive so it resembles a greying custard

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