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Best Collections 2021

I’m a huge fan of the short story, and I try to read as many as I can each year, this year has been another great journey into this world. I also find that short story collections (single-authored ones) are also a great way to discover new talent, a way to test drive a creative

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The Gulp by Alan Baxter – a Well Read Beard Review

Well Read Beard reviews Alan Baxter’s ‘The Gulp’ – our very own Ross Jeffery reviewed this already on STORGY but the collection is so good we thought we’d review it twice, so here’s Kevin giving his thoughts on this quite brilliant collection… once you’ve watched it, go out and pick up a copy, this is

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The Gulp by Alan Baxter

Alan Baxter has created a stunning collection of small town horror that perfectly blends tones and themes of The Twilight Zone, Stranger Things, Castle Rock, The X-Files and Twin Peaks – in an Irresistible concoction of the weird and macabre, small town horror has never had it so good. What I loved about this collection

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