Tag: Ad Hoc Fiction

This Alone Could Save Us by Santino Prinzi

This Along Could Save Us is a flash fiction collection of 51, yes 51 short pieces of flash. The book is a real quick read and works as a great palate cleanser between larger books, the stories aren’t very deep but are enjoyable with the flow of Prinzi’s prose, but for me, the collection was

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Finding a Way by Diane Simmons

I think it’s safe to say flash fiction collections are a somewhat rare commodity. And unless you’re immersed in the world of flash – both as a reader and writer – it can be difficult to find collections that truly explore the different ways in which flash can be done. Of course, you can stumble

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All That Is Between Us by KM Elkes

Irving Howe once said of flash-fiction, or the short-short story as it’s otherwise known: ‘Everything depends on intensity, one sweeping blow of perception. In the short short the writer gets no second chance. Either he strikes through at once or he’s lost.’ ‘All That Is Between Us’ is a collection of flash-fiction that strikes through.

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