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Acre’s Orphan by Wayne Turmel

In this second instalment of the ‘Lucca le Pou’ stories, we return to Lucca and his band of misfits almost exactly where we left them – struggling with the aftermath of war, deep in the heart of their beloved city, which is on the brink of collapse. Turmel once again takes us on a journey

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BOOK REVIEW: Acre’s Bastard by Wayne Turmel

The Crusades, religious corruption, and complex communities: Wayne Turmel confronts it all in his newest series, The Lucca le Pou Stories, of which the delicately written Acre’s Bastard is the first instalment of the series. In it, we are introduced to the famed city of Acre, to the half-Syrian, half-Frankish orphan Lucca, and his colourful

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