Sunny Hostin’s Books: Must-Reads From A Three-time Emmy Award Winner

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Sunny Hostin, an accomplished legal journalist and three-time Emmy Award winner, has expanded her repertoire to include best-selling novels. As a co-host on the popular television show, The View, she has gained considerable recognition, paving the way for her successful literary career. Hostin’s work encapsulates her passion for storytelling and her unique perspective on various topics.

Her books span different genres, showcasing her impressive range as an author. Notably, Hostin has released a critically acclaimed Summer Beach series, including the novels “Summer on the Bluffs” and “Summer on Sag Harbor”, transporting readers to scenic seaside locations filled with secrets and adventure. Additionally, her poignant memoir “I Am These Truths: A Memoir of Identity, Justice, and Living Between Worlds” offers insight into her own experiences and perspectives as she navigates a life of intersecting identities.

By exploring different genres, Sunny Hostin has skillfully captured the attention of a wide range of readers, all of whom eagerly await her next literary project.

Life And Career

Early Life And Education

Sunny Hostin was born on October 20, 1968, in New York City to an African-American father and a Puerto Rican mother. Growing up in The Bronx, she attended the all-girls Dominican Academy and is bilingual in Spanish and English.

Career As A Lawyer And Analyst

Sunny is a 3x Emmy Award-winning legal journalist, New York Times (NYT) bestselling author, and co-host of The View. In her early career, she worked as a lawyer and pursued a career in television analyzing legal issues. In 2019, Sunny hosted and executive-produced the six-episode documentary series, Truth About Murder With Sunny Hostin on Investigation Discovery, exploring stories behind notorious US homicides.

As an author, her debut novel, “Summer on the Bluffs,” released on May 4, quickly gained popularity reaching #11 on the NYT Bestseller List and is the first book in her “Summer” trilogy. Sunny Hostin also wrote a memoir called “I Am These Truths: A Memoir of Identity, Justice, and Living Between Worlds”, which shares her life experiences and insights navigating different worlds and identities.

Sunny Hostin And ‘The View’

Sunny Hostin is a talented and accomplished television personality who serves as a co-host on the popular ABC Daytime talk show, The View. As a three-time Emmy Award-winning legal journalist and New York Times bestselling author, she brings her unique perspectives and insights to the show’s discussions on a variety of topics, including current events, politics, and pop culture.

In addition to her role on The View, Sunny is known for her captivating novels, which showcase her storytelling skills and bring readers into the lives of intriguing characters. Her debut novel, “Summer on the Bluffs”, takes place in the exclusive Black beach community of Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard. The novel, which became a bestseller, follows the life-changing experiences of its protagonist during a summer in the picturesque locale.

Hostin’s literary talents extend beyond just one novel; she has embarked on a “Summer” trilogy, with her equally successful follow-up, “Summer on Sag Harbor”. The sequel transports readers to the scenic beaches of Sag Harbor and introduces us to another close-knit community of African American elites.

Sunny Hostin’s multifaceted career highlights her dedication to her craft, both as a co-host on The View and as an author of enthralling novels. Her works brilliantly portray the vibrant life she has created for her characters, making her a prominent voice within the literary and television worlds.

Books By Sunny Hostin

Sunny Hostin is a 3x Emmy Award-winning legal journalist, New York Times bestselling author, and co-host of The View. She has published two noteworthy books, which include her debut novel “Summer on the Bluffs” and her memoir “I Am These Truths.” Both books showcase her talent as a writer and provide insightful perspectives on various aspects of life.

Summer on the Bluffs


“Summer on the Bluffs” is Sunny Hostin’s debut novel and the first book in her “Summer” trilogy. Released on May 4, this novel quickly became a New York Times Bestseller, reaching #11 on the list. Set in the picturesque town of Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard, the story revolves around four women whose lives are interconnected by shared history, secrets, and the inheritance of a historic family estate.

The novel captures the essence of friendships, and family dynamics, and depicts the challenges faced by women of color. It explores the complex web of relationships with empathy and insight, making it an engaging and thought-provoking read.

I Am These Truths


Sunny Hostin’s memoir, “I Am These Truths,” provides a candid and personal account of her life, spanning her childhood, career, and experiences as a biracial woman in America. As a New York Times bestselling author, Hostin brings her unique voice to her memoir, revealing her path to becoming a journalist and addressing the struggles she faced along the way.

The book delves into Hostin’s upbringing as a child of a Puerto Rican mother and an African American father, which played a crucial role in shaping her strong identity. The memoir also highlights her journey in the male-dominated world of law and journalism, and how she used her passion for justice to carve out a successful career. “I Am These Truths” is a testament to Hostin’s resilience and determination, offering readers a glimpse into the life of a fierce and inspiring woman.

Themes And Exploration In Her Works

Race And Colorism

Sunny Hostin’s works often explore themes of race and colorism. In her memoir, “I Am These Truths: A Memoir of Identity, Justice, and Living Between Worlds,” Hostin delves into her personal experiences with racial and ethnic identity, offering unique insights into the challenges faced by individuals of multiracial backgrounds. This exploration of race and identity is also prevalent in her fiction, as evidenced by her bestselling debut novel, “Summer on the Bluffs”, which features a diverse cast of characters navigating complex relationships in a predominantly Black community.

Community And Family

Hostin’s works also focus on the importance of community and family. In “Summer on the Bluffs”, the protagonist finds solace in the tight-knit community of Oak Bluffs, where bonds between family and friends run deep. Similarly, in Hostin’s upcoming novel, “Summer on Sag Harbor,” she further explores the significance of community and family relationships within Black coastal resort spaces in the United States.

Self-Fulfillment And Justice

Lastly, themes of self-fulfillment and justice are pervasive in Hostin’s writings. As a legal journalist, she has witnessed firsthand the power of justice and the importance of standing up for one’s beliefs. In her memoir, “I Am These Truths”, Hostin reflects on her journey from a biracial girl from the South Bronx to a successful and outspoken media figure advocating for justice. In her fiction, characters grow and find their voices as they confront societal challenges, including racial injustice, resulting in personal growth and self-awareness.

Setting Of Her Books

Sunny Hostin’s novels are set in captivating places that beautifully capture the essence of an exclusive Black beach community. These locations create a strong sense of place and lend an evocative atmosphere to her works.

Oak Bluffs

The setting of Sunny Hostin’s debut novel, “Summer on the Bluffs”, is Oak Bluffs, a charming town located on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. Oak Bluffs is a historically significant Black beach community that has been a vacation destination for many prominent African American families throughout the years. The novel’s backdrop includes picturesque ocean views, lively beach parties, and fascinating insights into the community’s unique social dynamics, showcasing the essence of summertime in Oak Bluffs.

Sag Harbor

While Hostin’s first novel is primarily set in Oak Bluffs, she has also mentioned plans to explore other eminent Black beach communities in future books of her “Summer” trilogy. One area slated to feature in the series is Sag Harbor, a scenic locale on the east end of Long Island, New York. Known for its waterfront charm, diverse community, and deep-rooted African American history, Sag Harbor promises to be a compelling setting for Hostin’s upcoming novel, “Summer on Sag Harbor” (yet to be published).

In conclusion, the settings of Oak Bluffs and Sag Harbor play significant roles in Sunny Hostin’s writings. These exclusive, historically rich Black beach communities provide a vibrant backdrop that adds depth and character to her stories. As readers are transported to these enchanting seaside towns, they are granted a glimpse into the captivating world of those who call these beautiful places home.

Further Readings And Recommendations

Sunny Hostin, co-host of The View, is known for her love of books and her active participation in the literary community. Her book recommendations include a diverse range of genres, from fiction to non-fiction. Some of her top picks include “An American Marriage” by Tayari Jones, “Chariot on the Mountain” by Jack Ford, and “Fresh Eggs Daily” by Lisa Steele.

In addition to sharing her favorite reads on air and on social media, Hostin has also been involved in various interviews discussing her passion for reading and her own writing career. She has received much acclaim for her New York Times Bestseller debut novel, “Summer on the Bluffs,” the first book in her “Summer” trilogy.

Hostin’s recommendations often feature books that have been recognized by Choice Awards or other notable accolades, displaying her keen interest in selecting high-quality literature for her audience. As an advocate for literacy and a strong supporter of new talent, she also takes the time to promote new releases by emerging authors.

For those looking to stay updated with Hostin’s latest recommendations, her Facebook page is a valuable resource. The page features her “Ladies Get Lit” series, where she offers summer reading lists, including works by authors like Brit Bennett and Goldie Taylor.

Sunny Hostin’s involvement in the literary world goes beyond book recommendations, as she often participates in news segments discussing her favorite reads. Additionally, she takes part in community events such as book giveaways to further encourage and share her love of reading with others.

Reception And Reviews

Sunny Hostin, the 3x Emmy Award-winning legal journalist and co-host of The View, has ventured into the world of fiction with her debut novel, “Summer on the Bluffs”. The book received recognition on The New York Times Bestseller List and is the first in her “Summer” trilogy.

The New York Times Book Review described Summer on the Bluffs as a vibrant and relatable tale. The novel revolves around Amelia “Ama” Vaux Tanner, a woman caught in an emotional journey of self-discovery and the complexity of relationships. The story also highlights the beauty of Oak Bluffs, a historically African-American community on Martha’s Vineyard.

Summer on the Bluffs has struck a chord with readers, especially Women of Color and Black Women, who appreciate the representation in the book. The novel celebrates the rich culture of this unique community while delving into the intricacies of family dynamics, friendships, and romantic entanglements.

Sunny Hostin’s writing style is praised for its clarity and vivid imagery, which transports readers to Oak Bluffs and immerses them in the characters’ lives. This attention to detail has resonated with many who find the story not only engaging but also reflective of their own experiences.

Hostin’s previous work, a memoir titled “I Am These Truths”, also garnered favorable reviews for its honesty and heartfelt storytelling. The book chronicles her life’s journey, including the challenges faced as a woman of color in the legal and media industries.

In conclusion, both Summer on the Bluffs and I Am These Truths have resonated with readers who appreciate Hostin’s clear, confident, and knowledgeable writing style. The stories not only entertain but also offer a valuable perspective on the lives and experiences of Women of Color and Black Women.

Upcoming Works

Sunny Hostin, the 3x Emmy Award-winning legal journalist and co-host of The View, is taking the literary world by storm with her engaging novels. Her debut novel, “Summer on the Bluffs”, became an instant New York Times bestseller, paving the way for more thrilling stories from this talented author.

Hostin is currently working on the next installments in the “Summer” trilogy. This series revolves around the lives of her characters in the upscale community of Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard. The first book, Summer on Sag Harbor, enthralled readers with its vivid portrayal of the town’s prestigious azure ocean, picturesque sandy beaches, and the friendships and secrets that propel the plot.

The second book in the series follows the residents of the hidden enclave in Sag Harbor, affectionately known as SANS (Sag Harbor Hills, Azurest, and Nineveh). Hostin skillfully unveils the personal lives and intricate connections that bind the community together. Relationships are tested, and secrets are unearthed, leading to an engrossing tale that readers won’t be able to put down.

The upcoming third book in the trilogy is expected to delve deeper into the intricacies of the characters’ relationships, unveiling new surprises and challenges. With a confident and knowledgeable writing style, Hostin weaves relatable stories that keep readers enthralled and eager for the trilogy’s climax.

In addition to her work on the “Summer” trilogy, Hostin’s background as a legal journalist allows her to explore themes of justice and truth in her writing. Her memoir, “I Am These Truths: A Memoir of Identity, Justice, and Living Between Worlds”, offers an insider’s look at her life experiences and serves as a powerful testament to the importance of perseverance and determination in achieving one’s dreams.

Through her writing, Sunny Hostin will likely continue to enchant readers with tales of secrets, love, and unraveling mysteries. With her expertise in law and media, Hostin has greatly enriched the literary landscape. Fans look forward to more captivating stories from this talented author in the near future.


Sunny Hostin is a well-known television personality, and her foray into the world of literature has garnered significant success. Her debut novel, “Summer on the Bluffs”, showcases her ability to create a captivating story full of love, home, and the complexities of personal relationships.

Set in the idyllic coastal town of Highland Beach, the book follows the lives of three goddaughters who find themselves drawn to a charming Long Island home. Hostin masterfully weaves a narrative that explores the themes of family, love, and self-discovery. Readers can expect a delightful beach read that keeps them engaged and entertained throughout.

In addition to her novel, Hostin has shared her personal journey through her memoir, “I Am These Truths: A Memoir of Identity, Justice, and Living Between Worlds”. This work offers a glimpse into the experiences that shaped her as a confident, knowledgeable professional, who remains grounded in her beliefs.

With her literary achievements, Sunny Hostin proves her versatility as a writer, demonstrating not only her ability to tell a compelling story but also her dedication to sharing her own truths. Her works provide readers with diverse perspectives and serve as a testament to the power of storytelling in fostering understanding and empathy.