Here at STORGY we welcome unsolicited submissions from published and unpublished authors. We are looking for literary short fiction, particularly short stories which challenge literary conventions and experiment with genre, style, form and content. We consider all genres and welcome all submissions. We want writing which forces the reader to face the reality in which we live, or the illusions in which we hide. We want soul, be it broken or bruised, or endless and almighty. We want to laugh, cry, cower, and applaud. Tell us, teach us, transform us.



We are seeking informed essays that attempt to place their subjects against a broad perspective, including, but not limited to; personal essays, memoir, literary journalism, travel narratives, etc. For the most part we are not interested in scholarly articles that are narrow in focus and/or overly burdened with footnotes. The ideal essay is a provocative, thesis-oriented work that can engage both the general reader and the specialist.


Book Reviews
In most cases, selection of titles to be reviewed and assignments to specific reviewers are made by the editors, however, we welcome queries regarding book reviews. Our book reviews are usually 1,000 to 1,200 words in length and written for a general-interest literary audience. Queries should include a description of the book you wish to review and/or a synopsis of the review (if already written), as well as a short biographical statement and, if possible, two to three clips of published critical work.

Movie Reviews
We are interested in reviews that focus on one movie in current theatrical release or due to be released shortly in the United Kingdom. Reviews should relate what is – and is not – of merit in the film under discussion. We are particularly interested in aesthetics, content, cinematic techniques, screenplay,  performance/s, and the analyses of genres, directors and other key production figures. Plot “spoliers” must be avoided or flagged to forewarn those who have not seen the movie. Please provide production credits and distribution source information with your review. Preferred length is approximately 1,500 words.

If you would like to join the STORGY REVIEW TEAM, contact us via email and introduce yourself. Please include a sample of your work or links to previously published reviews.



Art, Illustration, and Photography
We are seeking art, illustration, and photography for use as feature pieces in our magazine, or to accompany content that we post online. We are also extremely keen to discuss opportunities for collaboration. All featured artwork will be extensively publicised and promoted in STORGY Magazine and across our social medial channels, and readers will be encouraged to visit and explore artists professional websites etc. Submitted images may be used in entirety, or a detail may be selected. When submitting images, please include a cover letter, bio, title, date, size, and materials used in the image. High-res images are preferable. Artists, illustrators, and photographers may send material for consideration at any time.

If your work is chosen we will ask you to grant us the right to post the image on our website, as well as in social media promotions. We will acknowledge your name and title of the work, and include links for further information about you and your work.


We are seeking editorials which focus on cultural interests—including, but not limited to, literature, history, philosophy, anthropology, politics, film, music, and the visual arts.


  • Submissions are accepted all year round
  • Submissions must be previously unpublished, including self-publication online.
  • Submissions are accepted from all over the world; however, stories/essays must be in English.
  • Simultaneous submissions are permitted, if notified promptly of acceptance elsewhere.
  • Please submit one story/essay at a time and await a response before submitting further work.


Word count limit: no minimum, maximum 5,000 words.

Reviews: Word count limit: no minimum, maximum 1,500 words.
Essays: Word count limit: no minimum, maximum 5,000 words.
Articles: Word count limit: no minimum, maximum 5,000 words.

  • File: .doc, .docx
  • Cambria Font
  • Double spaced
  • Font size 12

Please ensure pages are numbered and the Story/Essay title and word count is included in the header of your document.


We are now accepting FICTION & NON-FICTION submissions through Submittable.

Submissions must adhere to the above criteria or they will not be considered for publication.

If you would like to submit FICTION & NON-FICTION for online publication, submit to STORGY Magazine at

There is a £5 reading fee to cover the cost of Submittable charges.

If you would like to enquire about BOOK/FILM Reviews or ARTS & CULTURE editorials please email us at

FICTION & NON-FICTION submissions received at the above email will not be considered.


We aim to respond to all submissions within 6-8 weeks, however, this may vary dependent on the time of year and quantity of submissions received. Please note: Our selection process is entirely subjective and we urge you to continue writing and submitting in order to successfully find a home for your work.

Thank you for considering STORGY and we look forward to reading your submissions.



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