Sarina Bowen


Sarina Bowen: A Deep Dive into the Author’s Best Works

Sarina Bowen is a prominent figure in the contemporary romance literary scene, cherished by readers for her engaging storytelling and relatable characters. Recognized as a USA Today bestselling author, she has crafted an impressive collection of works. Her repertoire includes the much-admired Ivy Years and True North series, showcasing her versatility and range in exploring romance in various settings.

In collaboration with Elle Kennedy, Bowen expanded her literary influence by co-authoring the Him and Us books, which have contributed to her standing as a favored author among romance enthusiasts. In addition to her partnerships, she has received accolades for her solo works, further cementing her position in modern romance literature.

Key Takeaways

  • Sarina Bowen is celebrated for her contribution to the contemporary romance genre.
  • She has garnered a loyal following through her individual works and collaborations.
  • Her writing has been distinguished by numerous accolades, highlighting her impact on the literary community.

Biography and Writing Career

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Sarina Bowen’s journey from an economics graduate to a USA Today bestselling author is a tale of talent meeting perseverance. Here’s a look at how her academic beginnings transitioned into a robust literary career.

Early Life and Education

Sarina Bowen’s choice to study at Yale University laid down a strong foundation for her systematic approach to storytelling. Graduating with a BA in economics, Bowen’s academic experience provided her with a unique perspective that she later brought into her writing.

Career Breakthrough

Bowen’s ascension to recognition as a bestselling author wasn’t by chance. Her body of work, which includes titles such as “The Ivy Years” and “Brooklyn Hockey”, showcases her talent for crafting contemporary romances that resonate with readers. Her partnership with Elle Kennedy produced fan favorites like “Him” and “Us”, as well as the WAGs series, further cementing her status as a USA Today bestselling author. Bowen’s accolades also include a RITA Award, a prestigious honor in the romance writing community.

Notable Works

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Sarina Bowen is renowned for her engaging storytelling and ability to weave heartfelt romance with compelling characters. Notably, her talent shines in two popular series: “The Ivy Years” and “Brooklyn Bruisers,” both of which have garnered a dedicated readership and high ratings on Goodreads.

The Ivy Years Series

This series kicks off with a poignant yet uplifting tale titled “The Year We Fell Down”. It’s not just a love story; it’s an emotional journey that captures the reader’s heart from the get-go. Bowen skillfully addresses physical disability and the power of love with her protagonists Corey Callahan and Adam Hartley, centered around their life at Harkness College.

  • “The Year We Fell Down” (Book 1) – A story of two college students bonding over hockey and life’s unexpected challenges.
  • “The Year We Hid Away” (Book 2) – A tale of two individuals hiding from their past, finding solace and love in one another.
  • “The Understatement of the Year” (Book 3) – This book deals with coming out and second chances, set against the backdrop of college hockey.
  • “The Shameless Hour” (Book 4) – Here Bowen explores social stigma and personal growth with a resilient female lead.
  • “The Fifteenth Minute” (Book 5) – A young female hockey player’s struggle with publicity and personal trials completes the series.

Brooklyn Bruisers Series

Bowen brings the reader into the world of professional hockey with the “Brooklyn Bruisers” series. Romance and the fast-paced, high-stakes world of sports combine to create an irresistibly charming series that delves deep into the lives of its characters, both on and off the ice.

  • “Rookie Move” (Book 1) – A second-chance romance blooms amidst the pressure of professional hockey, introducing the Brooklyn Bruisers.
  • “Hard Hitter” (Book 2) – The captain’s story interlaces tough leadership with vulnerability.
  • “Pipe Dreams” (Book 3) – Love rekindles amid the challenges of life and the demands of being a goaltender.
  • “Brooklynaire” (Book 4) – An engaging romance between a tech genius and his office manager, filled with passion and a shared history.
  • “Overnight Sensation” (Book 5) – The journey of a hockey player and a team intern reveals an endearing mix of humor and heart.

Bowen fills her stories with authentic details, from the nuances of hockey equipment to the thrill of the game, making her works particularly appealing to readers who love a combination of sports, romance, and dynamic character arcs.

Writing Style and Themes

Sarina Bowen is known for her captivating storytelling within the contemporary romance genre. Her novels not only feature relatable characters but also explore the nuances of love and life in a style that’s both engaging and expressive.

Romance Genre Explorations

Sarina’s works delve deep into the contemporary romance scene. Readers find her books to be a dynamic mix of emotion and wit, with a strong emphasis on character development. The themes in her novels frequently tackle the complexities of relationships, distinguishing her writing as reflective of real-life romance with all its ups and downs. Sarina particularly excels at creating stories that resonate with romance enthusiasts, acknowledged by accolades such as the RITA® Award.

Collaborations and Joint Ventures

Elle Kennedy, another prominent figure in the romance writing community, has teamed up with Sarina on several occasions. Their collaborations have birthed bestsellers like “Stay,” which infuse humor and heart in equal measure. Moreover, the Man Hands series, co-written with Tanya Eby, exemplifies the kind of synergy and lively narrative voice that can result from successful author partnerships. These ventures showcase Sarina’s adaptability and her skill in sharing the creative process with fellow romance writers.

Awards and Recognitions

Sarina Bowen has been acknowledged in the literary world for her compelling storytelling and ability to captivate readers. She has the distinct honor of winning the RWA’s Rita Award, a prestigious accolade that recognizes excellence in the romance genre. This prize is a testament to her skill in creating engaging narratives that resonate with fans of contemporary romance.

Her works, particularly those in collaboration with other authors, such as Elle Kennedy, have not only won awards but also secured spots as bestsellers. Bowen’s collaboration with Kennedy resulted in the highly regarded Him and Us series, which have been celebrated by readers and critics alike.

Readers may also recognize Bowen for her individual achievements, like her well-loved series: the True North, Brooklyn Bruisers, and Ivy Years. These titles have consistently performed well, underscoring her status as a beloved author in the romance genre.

Here is a quick look at Bowen’s key accolades:

  • RWA’s Rita Award: A hallmark of outstanding romance writing
  • Bestseller Listings: Frequent appearances on the USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists
  • Praise for Collaboration: Celebrated for co-writing with Elle Kennedy

Bowen’s talent has brought her not just awards, but a vibrant community of readers who eagerly await her next release. Her accolades underscore the impact of her work in the realm of contemporary romance.

Miscellaneous Works and Activities

In this section, we’ll explore Sarina Bowen’s diverse contributions beyond her main book series, touching on her unique side projects and personal anecdotes that give us a glimpse into her vibrant world.

Side Projects and Standalones

Sarina Bowen’s oeuvre extends beyond her core series, embracing both standalone novels and side projects that diversify her bibliography. Her standalone novel, Bittersweet, a part of the True North series, paints a picture of life in Vermont’s Green Mountains, capturing the essence of romance amid apple orchards. The True North series brings readers to the rustic beauty of Vermont, combining heartfelt romance with the backdrop of farming and the palpable atmosphere of the great outdoors.

Aside from her series work, Bowen has collaborated with other authors. Brooklynaire stands out as a notable single title, weaving a captivating narrative in the bustling context of New York and hockey. Her engagements extend into audio mediums, too, as evidenced by her co-hosting The Story Bites Podcast, which allows her to connect with fans and discuss the nuances of storytelling and writing.

Personal Life Insights

When she’s not crafting new worlds in her novels, Sarina Bowen leads a life that is as dynamic and charming as her writing. She finds joy in the little things—like the lively presence of eight chickens that add character to her family home. Always keen on providing updates to her readers, she maintains a close relationship with her fanbase, keeping them informed about the latest ongoings, whether it’s about a new ARC (Advance Reading Copy), the next thrilling installment in the Gravity series, or personal anecdotes involving her family and their adventures in skiing.

Her personal experiences, including her affinity for the sport of hockey, resonate within her work, particularly in her novels featuring hockey guys that reflect her appreciation for the ice rink. This direct influence is a testament to her ability to translate her passion into compelling narratives—a quality that makes her works heartfelt and authentic.

Interaction with Fans

Sarina Bowen has cultivated a genuine connection with her readers through consistent engagement and accessibility.

Social Media and Online Presence

Sarina Bowen maintains an active social media presence, especially on platforms where her readers frequently gather. Goodreads is one such platform where she interacts with fans of her contemporary romance novels. She often shares updates, posts about her latest works, and responds to reviews and discussions about her books. Bowen’s Goodreads account serves as a hub for fans to connect with her and each other, discussing titles like “Us” and “Him,” which are popular among both romance enthusiasts and hockey fans.

On top of that, Bowen is a real person to her followers; she shares personal insights and behind-the-scenes glimpses into her life as a writer. This kind of transparency and authenticity builds a loyal readership. As a member of the Romance Writers of America, her professionalism and dedication to the craft are clear. Bowen’s presence is not just about promoting her works but also about fostering a community where discussions about romance, college life, hockey players, and the joys and woes of love can thrive.

It’s evident through her online interactions that Bowen values the feedback and support of her fans. Whether it’s applauding someone’s review of her book “Bella” or sharing her excitement about the latest college hockey game, Bowen’s approach to social media makes fans feel seen and appreciated.