Sarah Young, a biblically conservative and reformed mother of four, has authored over 35 million books worldwide. Renowned for her devotional writings on Jesus, the living Word, and the Bible, Young’s personal reflections from her daily quiet time have captured the hearts of many readers. Focusing on spiritual growth and divine nourishment, her books offer a combination of theology, contemplation, and guidance in fostering one’s relationship with God.

Her most famous work, “Jesus Calling”, is a daily devotional book that has sold millions of copies since its publication in 2004. Composed of devotional readings written in the voice of Jesus Christ, the book encourages readers to find peace and solace in His presence. Alongside “Jesus Calling”, Sarah Young has authored a multitude of other devotional books, such as “Jesus Lives” and J”esus Always,” all providing distinct perspectives and inspiration for spiritual growth.

The impact of Sarah Young’s books has extended beyond individual readers, as her work has resonated with various communities and faith-based organizations. Offering daily guidance and encouragement, her writings have become a staple in many Christian homes. Through her devotionals, Sarah Young has successfully created an accessible and meaningful way for readers to connect with their faith on a daily basis.

About Sarah Young

Sarah Young books

Sarah Young is a highly-regarded author, best known for her deeply spiritual devotional books and journals. Recognized for her work on the New York Times bestselling list, Young has captivated millions of readers with her unique and inspiring writing style.

Born in 1946, Young discovered her passion for writing during her daily quiet time, which consisted of reading the Bible, praying, and journaling. Her most popular book is “Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence,” which has touched the lives of countless people seeking spiritual guidance and comfort.

Throughout her career, Young has successfully published an extensive collection of books, with over 157 titles available for readers to explore. Many of her works, such as “Jesus Always: Embracing Joy in His Presence” and “Jesus Today: Experience Hope Through His Presence,” have appeared on various bestseller lists, securing her position as a leading Christian author.

Young’s devotion to her faith and the impact of her work culminated in the creation of the Jesus Calling brand, which now encompasses a broader collection of books, devotionals, and even calendars. Her unwavering dedication to providing individuals with spiritual guidance through her writing has made her a prominent figure in the Christian literary community.

Despite facing some health challenges in recent years, Sarah Young remains a prolific and influential author to this day, continuing to inspire and uplift countless readers around the world with her insightful and comforting devotional works.

Popular Sarah Young Books

Jesus Calling Series

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The Jesus Calling series includes several books that focus on devotional readings written from the perspective of Jesus Christ. Some of the most popular titles in this series are “Jesus Calling”, “Jesus Always,” “Jesus Today,” and “Jesus Lives.” These books aim to bring peace, hope, and encouragement to readers by offering daily devotional messages based on Scripture.

Devotional Books

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Sarah Young’s devotional books go beyond the Jesus Calling series, providing readers with daily guidance and inspiration based on various themes. Titles such as “Dear Jesus: Seeking His Light in Your Life” and “Enjoying Peace in His Presence” explore different aspects of faith, love, and trust in God.

Books for Kids

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Books like “Jesus Calling for Little Ones” and “Jesus Calling Bible Storybook” cater to children, presenting Bible stories and age-appropriate devotional messages. Other titles, such as “Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions for Kids” and “Jesus Always: 365 Devotions for Kids”, offer a 365-day devotional journey designed to help kids grow in their faith.

Special Edition Books

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Sarah Young has released special edition books for various occasions like Christmas, Easter, and graduation. These titles, such as “Jesus Calling for Christmas” and “Jesus Calling: 40 Days with Jesus”, provide unique reflections and devotional messages to celebrate significant events in the Christian calendar.

Other Books by Sarah Young

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In addition to her devotional writings, Sarah Young has also authored books that focus on personal reflection and experiencing God’s presence. “The Story of Christmas: God’s Plan for the Nativity from Creation to Christ” explores the birth of Jesus, while “Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence – Daily Devotional Prayers is a 365-day prayer book designed to deepen the reader’s connection with God.

Reviews and Impressions

Feedback on Sarah Young’s books has been overwhelmingly positive, with many readers attributing an increased sense of peace, hope, and trust in God to her daily devotionals. Her writing style, which often presents Jesus speaking directly to the reader, has resonated with millions of people worldwide.

Privacy and Contact

Should you have any questions regarding Sarah Young’s books or need further information, it’s advised to visit the Jesus Calling official website to review their privacy policy and find appropriate contact information.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, Sarah Young’s body of work provides numerous opportunities for individuals to deepen their faith through daily reflections, Scripture-based devotionals, and life application. Her approachable writing style and consistent focus on the message of Jesus have resonated with millions across the globe. Whether readers are seeking peace and joy in God’s presence or guidance in times of difficulty and fear, Young’s books offer a steady source of inspiration and encouragement for people of all ages and stages in their faith journey.