Ruthless Creatures: Edgy Romance Between A Teacher And A Russian Mafia Member

J.T. Geissinger, Ruthless Creatures

If you’re searching for a captivating and thrilling romance novel, look no further than “Ruthless Creatures” by J.T. Geissinger. This first installment in the Queens & Monsters series promises to take you on an emotional rollercoaster, packed with intense moments and steamy encounters.

“Ruthless Creatures” tells the story of Natalie, a middle school art teacher, who is swept up into the dangerous world of the Russian mafia after her fiancé disappears on the eve of their wedding. As the plot unfolds, we meet Kage, the enigmatic and powerful right-hand man to a Russian mob boss.

With over 24,000 reviews and an impressive 4.4-star rating, “Ruthless Creatures” has garnered praise for its intelligent dialogues, intense plot twists, and unforgettable characters. Readers find themselves hooked from beginning to end, some even admitting to staying up late into the night just to finish the book in one sitting.

However, it’s essential to note that this novel contains adult subject matter that might be triggering or offensive for some. These include scenes of violence, kidnapping, torture, and explicit intimate moments.

Bottom Line

Overall, if you’re in the mood for a steamy, edge-of-your-seat mafia romance novel that delivers on all fronts, “Ruthless Creatures (Queens & Monsters Book 1)” is worth a read.

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Ruthless Creatures (Queens & Monsters Book 1): Overview

Diving into the treacherous world of mafia romance, “Ruthless Creatures” strikes a chord with its readers through its captivating plot and steamy scenes. The protagonist, Natalie, an art teacher still reeling from her fiancé’s disappearance years prior, tugs at your heartstrings with her tragic past and fierce determination.

The book does not shy away from darker themes such as kidnapping, assault, and more intense adult content, making it a read best suited for mature audiences. The chemistry between Natalie and Kage, the dangerous right-hand man of a Russian mafia boss, keeps you guessing, and their witty banter delights throughout the novel.

While highly gripping, some readers noted a few minor issues in terms of pacing and character development. However, the engaging dialogue and sultry moments make up for any perceived deficiencies, leaving you eager to explore more of J.T. Geissinger’s provocative mafia world in this thrilling series.

In summary, if you’re a fan of mafia romance with clever exchanges and tantalizing encounters, “Ruthless Creatures” is an enthralling read that will keep you hooked till the end.

Plot Elements

In “Ruthless Creatures” (Queens & Monsters Book 1), the storyline revolves around Natalie, a middle school art teacher, whose fiancé disappeared five years ago. The book takes the reader on an intense journey as Natalie is thrust into a dangerous mafia world. The author, J.T. Geissinger, does a fantastic job of creating compelling characters and plot elements that keep the reader engaged.

The book is filled with intelligent dialogue and steamy intimate scenes that add spice to the already intriguing plot. The chemistry between Natalie and the male lead, Kage, is electric, and their banter adds a touch of humor to the story. While it is important to note that the book contains adult language, violence, and potentially triggering content, the overall plot is captivating and well-developed.

However, some readers find the pacing a bit slow or uneven in certain parts. Despite this, fans of mafia romance should find the world that Geissinger has built to be fascinating and worth exploring. Overall, “Ruthless Creatures” offers a thrilling mix of action, romance, and suspense, delivering a strong start to the Queens & Monsters series.

Character Development

In “Ruthless Creatures,” the characters of Natalie and Kage show dynamic growth throughout the story. Natalie, a middle school art teacher, is portrayed as strong and resilient, even after going through the traumatic experience of losing her fiancé. She captures readers’ hearts with her sassy humor and fiery spirit.

Kage, on the other hand, a part of the dangerous Russian mafia world, emerges as an enigmatic, intense, and irresistible presence. The intriguing balance between his dark and lurid choices and the tender emotions he harbors for Natalie fuels the character development.

The captivating banter between the protagonists adds a unique touch to the book, and the steamy chemistry keeps the audience engaged. However, some readers may find certain explicit content to be offensive or triggering. The author, J.T. Geissinger, has masterfully crafted characters that develop into unforgettable personas, leaving readers yearning to dive deeper into the Queens & Monsters series.

Pros and Cons


“Ruthless Creatures”, the first book in the Queens & Monsters series, has received numerous positive reviews for its engaging plot and intriguing characters. Readers have praised the book, particularly for its excellent dialogue and witty banter between the two main characters, Natalie and Kage. The novel’s steamy intimate scenes have also been well-received, with many readers finding them tastefully written and genuinely enjoyable.

The fast-paced action and dangerous mafia world created by J.T. Geissinger has captivated readers, who are eager to explore this universe further and dive into the rest of the series. Another strength of the novel is its strong heroine, Natalie, whose humor and sassy nature have endeared her to many readers.


While the book has been positively received by a broad audience, some readers have raised concerns about potential triggering content. The novel contains sensitive subject matter such as kidnapping, torture, and assault, which may make it unsuitable for readers sensitive to these themes.

Additionally, some readers have found fault with instances of clichéd language or character tropes in the novel. This may result in the book feeling somewhat predictable for seasoned romance readers. Lastly, a few readers have criticized certain aspects of the writing, finding it not as smooth as they expected from an established author like Geissinger.

Overall, “Ruthless Creatures” offers an engaging reading experience but may not be suitable for readers sensitive to darker themes or those looking for a completely unique take on the romance genre.

Customer Feedback

“Ruthless Creatures (Queens & Monsters Book 1)” has received a rating of 4.4 stars with 24,685 ratings on Amazon. Readers found the book engaging and captivating, with many mentioning they devoured the book in one day. They appreciated the enthralling plot, steamy adult scenes, and the chemistry between the characters.

On the other side, some readers caution that the book contains sensitive subject matter such as kidnapping, abduction, torture, and assault, which can be triggers for some. A few readers found certain aspects of the writing unsatisfactory, such as dialogues and pacing.

However, overall, satisfied readers loved the balance of romance and suspense that “Ruthless Creatures” offers. The dynamic between the sassy heroine and the dark, dangerous Kage has caught their attention and sparked their interest in exploring more of J.T. Geissinger’s mafia world. The intelligent dialogues and scorching intimacy contributed to the book’s positive reception among mature readers, leaving them looking forward to the next installments in the series. The book is applauded for its captivating writing style and entertaining plot that had readers hooked from beginning to end.

Writing Style

The writing style of “Ruthless Creatures (Queens & Monsters Book 1)” truly stands out. It showcases a confident, knowledgeable, and clear tone that effectively engages the reader from the beginning to the end. The author’s neutral perspective is commendable, as it allows the reader to form their own opinions about the characters and events in the story.

One of the strengths of the writing style in this book is the author’s ability to create vivid, memorable descriptions without being overly verbose. This approach results in a fast-paced narrative, which is a big plus for those who prefer not to get bogged down in excessive details. On the flip side, some readers may find certain parts of the story lacking in depth due to this concise writing approach.

All in all, the writing style of “Ruthless Creatures” is engaging and effective, making it a worthwhile read for fans of the genre.


In conclusion, “Ruthless Creatures (Queens & Monsters Book 1)” provides an engaging and thrilling reading experience for those who love adult romance novels with a touch of danger. The writing style keeps readers hooked, as the intense chemistry between the sassy heroine, Natalie, and the mysterious Kage ignites the pages. Despite the dark tone and some possibly triggering themes like violence and kidnapping, the book has a solid plot that captivates the audience.

The witty dialogue and intelligent conversations between the characters make the story even more enjoyable, as does the authentic portrayal of the Russian mafia world. The steamy intimate scenes are well-written and enhance the overall romantic aspect of the story.

On the other hand, some readers might find certain themes too intense for their liking. However, with a 4.4-star rating and an overwhelmingly positive response from those who’ve read the book, it’s clear that “Ruthless Creatures (Queens & Monsters Book 1)” is worth the read for anyone who enjoys a mix of romance, intrigue, and danger, with a strong dose of steamy passion.