Roshani Chokshi


Roshani Chokshi: Exploring the Fantasy Realm of a Bestselling Author

Roshani Chokshi is a prominent figure in the landscape of young adult and middle-grade literature. She holds the distinction of being a New York Times bestselling author, earning praise for her rich storytelling that weaves together elements of fantasy and mythology. Her work reflects her diverse heritage, as she brings to life stories that draw on her Filipino and Indian roots.

Chokshi’s critically acclaimed novels have garnered a dedicated readership and significant accolades. She made a splash with her debut series, “The Star-Touched Queen,” and has continued to captivate audiences with “The Gilded Wolves” series and the “Aru Shah” books. Her distinct narrative voice and imaginative plots solidify her standing as a master of her craft in the world of fantastical fiction.

Biographical Overview

Roshani Chokshi is an American author celebrated for her contributions to children’s literature and young adult fiction, integrating her rich cultural heritage into her writing. She is known for her unique style that weaves together world mythology and folklore.

Early Life and Education

Roshani Chokshi was born on February 14, 1991. She is of Filipino and Indian descent, with her mother hailing from the Philippines and her father from India. Although raised speaking English, Chokshi’s multicultural background profoundly influenced her storytelling. She grew up in the southern United States, with Georgia being a significant part of her upbringing and education. Her academic journey included a pursuit of law, where she attended law school, which uniquely shaped her discipline and research skills pivotal in her writing career.

Literary Career

Chokshi’s writing style is characterized by its lyricism and vivid incorporation of mythology, undoubtedly shaped by her diversified heritage. Her literary career took off with the success of her debut novel, “The Star-Touched Queen,” which quickly became a New York Times bestseller. She has since published a series of books that cemented her reputation as a prominent figure in fantasy literature, including the “Aru Shah” series and “The Gilded Wolves” trilogy. Her work not only frequents bestseller lists but also garners critical acclaim and has been nominated for prestigious awards, reflecting her status as a trailblazer in the world of fantasy fiction.

Roshani Chokshi Books

Roshani Chokshi’s The Gilded Wolves series displays a rich blend of historical fantasy and diverse representation. The books set in 19th-century Paris, are centered around a group of characters from various cultural and racial backgrounds working together to unravel mysteries. This series, along with “Aru Shah and The End of Time”, has received critical acclaim, and “Aru Shah and The End of Time” has even been optioned for film adaptation, reflecting the substantial impact of Chokshi’s work in Hindu mythology and world mythology within the realm of young adult literature.


Roshani Chokshi’s bibliography showcases her talent in weaving together intricate narratives and vivid characters. Her works are primarily recognized for their rich fantasy elements and cultural depth across series and stand-alone novels.

The Star-Touched Series

  • The Star-Touched Queen (2016): A novel that blends Greek and Indian mythology, featuring themes of fate, love, and reincarnation.
  • A Crown of Wishes (2017): This companion novel to The Star-Touched Queen tells the tale of two characters who embark on a quest to win a magical competition.

The Pandava Series

  • Aru Shah and the End of Time (2018): The first in the Pandava series, introducing Aru Shah and her journey to stop the demon king and awaken the god within her.
  • Subsequent titles in the series immerse readers in Aru Shah’s further adventures, delving deeper into Hindu mythology.

Stand-alone Novels and Other Works

  • The Last Tale of the Flower Bride (2023): A stand-alone novel that promises a bewitching story of love and secrets.
  • Once More Upon a Time (2021): A novella that transports readers into a fairy-tale romance mixed with magic and second chances.

The Gilded Wolves Trilogy

  • The Gilded Wolves (2019): The heist-driven fantasy set in an alternate Paris of 1889, laden with magic, science, and intrigue.
  • The Silvered Serpents (2020): The sequel to The Gilded Wolves, escalating the quests of the characters as they face darker challenges.
  • The Bronzed Beasts (2021): The concluding installment of the trilogy, wrapping up the quests with a blend of mythology, science, and history.

Literary Themes and Influences

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Roshani Chokshi’s works are characterized by the interweaving of mythology with modern narratives and a deep exploration of culture and identity, which resonate throughout her storytelling.

Mythology in Modern Storytelling

Roshani Chokshi’s narratives are steeped in fantasy and mythology. Her novels often draw from ancient Hindu myth and Greek myth, integrating them into contemporary settings. Her debut novel, “The Star-Touched Queen”, and its companion “A Crown of Wishes” are prime examples, where she breathes new life into global mythology. Chokshi’s works demonstrate a seamless fusion of world mythology and young adult fantasy, creating a vivid tapestry that appeals to a modern audience.

Exploration of Culture and Identity

Amid Chokshi’s use of folklore and fantasy, there’s a clear thread of cultural representation and the complexity of mixed race heritage. Her characters often navigate diverse worlds that mirror Chokshi’s own experiences with culture and identity. For instance, in her series “Aru Shah and The End of Time”, Chokshi delves into Indian mythology, presenting themes of heroism and friendship through the lens of Hindu myth while tackling issues related to heritage and personal growth.

Recognition and Achievements

Roshani Chokshi has garnered significant acclaim across various platforms, establishing her as a prominent figure in fantasy literature. Her works have received notable mentions in bestseller lists, earned esteemed literary awards, and made a lasting impact in media adaptations.

Bestseller Lists and Awards

Roshani Chokshi’s literary works have achieved remarkable recognition on bestseller lists such as the New York Times and the Sunday Times. Her series, “The Star-Touched Queen” and “The Gilded Wolves”, have been listed as New York Times bestsellers, signifying their popularity and wide readership. Chokshi’s foray into middle grade fiction with “Aru Shah and The End of Time” not only garnered critical acclaim but also landed a spot in Time Magazine’s “Top 100 Fantasy Books of All Time.” The recognition continued with her adult debut, “The Last Tale of The Flower Bride,” which ascended to become a #1 Sunday Times bestseller.

In terms of awards, Roshani Chokshi has been acknowledged by several organizations. Although not explicitly mentioned in the provided search results or existing knowledge up to the specified cutoff date, her works may have been nominated for or received accolades such as the Nebula Awards, which honor the best works of science fiction and fantasy published in the United States.

Adaptations and Media Impact

Chokshi’s imaginative storytelling has transcended the pages of her books, capturing the interest of the entertainment industry. Paramount Pictures, a major film production company, recognized the potential of Chokshi’s work, as evidenced by their involvement with the rights to “Aru Shah and The End of Time”. This move by Paramount Pictures indicates the significant media impact of her work and her growing influence in storytelling that can bridge literature and film.

Roshani Chokshi’s achievements underscore her capability to craft stories that resonate with a broad audience, her skill in creating culturally rich narratives, and her standing among contemporary authors in the fantasy genre.

Writing Style and Public Perception

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Roshani Chokshi’s books are renowned for their lush prose and intricate character development, winning her critical acclaim and a dedicated readership.

Narrative Techniques and Character Development

Chokshi’s narrative techniques are recognized for their dreamy, lyrical quality that heavily draws from myth and fantasy. She crafts complex characters who often embark on journeys of self-discovery. Her storytelling features rich world-building that immerses readers in settings that are vibrant and full of atmosphere. In her young adult novel “The Star-Touched Queen”, for example, the world-building contributes to a myth-candy atmosphere—one that is both sweet and troubling, resembling a slice of cake that’s both tempting and rich in flavor. This emotional depth often resonates with her audience, as she explores characters’ emotions with sensitivity and nuance, ensuring that their growth and experiences drive the narrative forward.

Critical Acclaim and Readership

Chokshi’s work has not only captured readers’ imaginations but has also received widespread critical acclaim. Her ability to weave humor with serious themes has struck a chord with both young adults and middle graders. Being a New York Times bestselling author, her storytelling prowess is evident through her engagement with readers who often praise the pacing and emotion found within her novels. She turns traditional fairytales on their heads, introducing new perspectives and diverse cultural elements, hence appealing to a broader audience looking for stories beyond the Western canon. Chokshi’s books, lauded for their unabridged and clear translation of feelings, offer readers a doorway into a world that’s as vast and intricate as the characters living within it.

Personal Reflections and Future Projects

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Roshani Chokshi’s literary journey is marked by introspective dialogues and the anticipation of new narratives that blend myth with genres ranging from fantasy to mystery.

Interviews and Personal Essays

In various interviews and personal essays, Roshani Chokshi has offered readers a window into her creative process and her perspective as a writer. Her conversations highlight a robust approach to storytelling where she reimagines fairy tales with unique twists, imbuing them with a fresh set of characteristics. Chokshi’s reflections reveal her efforts to infuse her work with elements of world mythology and folklore, a distinctive feature also evident in her adult debut.

Upcoming Works and Anticipations

Readers and critics eagerly await Roshani Chokshi’s future projects, anticipating new explorations of myth interwoven with threads of mystery, romance, and perhaps even horror. Her ability to craft stories that resonate with a wide audience positions her upcoming works as highly anticipated additions to the literary world.