Private Liaison: Sorrens & Gamble Indecency Suites #9 – Worth the Read?

Looking for an entertaining and captivating romance novella to immerse yourself into? We recently dived into “Private Liaison: Sorrens and Gamble,” the ninth installment in the Indecency Suites Novella series, and we can’t help but be drawn in by the thrilling storyline and well-developed characters.

This 73-page romance, written in English, is an independently published work by a talented author who has managed to keep the engaging narrative going strong throughout the series. The book’s dimensions of 5 x 0.19 x 8 inches and lightweight design at just 4.6 ounces make it a comfortable read while cozying up on the couch or bringing it along on your daily commute.

Though the ninth book in the series, newcomers can still appreciate the gripping romantic tale without feeling entirely lost, but it’s worth noting that exploring the previous books in the collection would provide a fuller perspective on the world and relationships.

One minor downside to this novella is its relatively short length, which might leave readers desiring more of the charming plot. Nonetheless, it remains an enjoyable and captivating read for those seeking romantic indulgence.

Bottom Line

“Private Liaison: Sorrens and Gamble” is a delightful addition to the popular Indecency Suites Novella series, with a well-crafted narrative that romance enthusiasts will surely find alluring.

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Private Liaison Sorrens and Gamble: Indecency Suites Novella #9 – An Overview

In the ninth installment of the Indecency Suites series, readers are treated to a steamy M/M story revolving around Jared and Reid. With a 4.8 star rating on Amazon, many found this novella to be one of the most enjoyable books in the series. The 73-page story is packed with attraction, heat, sarcasm, and wit, making it a captivating read.

The storyline follows the repressed Jared, who strives to maintain the façade of his happy marriage while exploring his true desires. Reid, meanwhile, is a charming yet straightforward character, providing a perfect foil for Jared. As their two-hour liaison unfolds, the characters embark on an intense and intriguing journey filled with undeniable heat.

While some readers describe the series as reminiscent of a soap opera, others were left wanting more of Reid and Jared’s story. The writing style is confident and knowledgeable, drawing the reader into the characters’ world. If you’re looking for a short and sizzling novella, “Private Liaison Sorrens and Gamble: Indecency Suites Novella #9” is worth considering.

Engaging Plotline

In “Private Liaison Sorrens and Gamble: Indecency Suites Novella #9” by Anabella Roscoff, readers are treated to an intense and captivating M/M storyline. The plot revolves around Jared and Reid, where their initial transaction takes a passionate turn and opens doors to self-discovery. With its 4.8-star rating, this novella has gained praise for its steamy encounters and realistic character development.

A key aspect that makes this novella stand out is the witty and sarcastic banter between the characters, adding a layer of humor to the already engaging plot. Moreover, the use of alternating perspectives gives readers a glimpse into the internal struggles faced by the characters, highlighting their individual growth throughout the story.

However, be prepared for a brief read as this is a short novella, and some readers have expressed the desire for a full-length novel featuring Reid and Jared. Nonetheless, for fans of the Indecency Suites series or new readers looking for a scorching M/M romance, this novella is worth giving a shot.

Captivating Characters

In the “Private Liaison Sorrens and Gamble: Indecency Suites Novella #9”, readers are presented with a fascinating array of characters that bring the story to life. With well-developed personalities and relatable emotions, these characters draw you into their complex world.

The main protagonists, Sorrens and Gamble, share a dynamic chemistry that feels authentic and engaging. Their witty banter and evolving relationship keep the reader invested in their journey, while the supporting cast adds depth and variety to the narrative.

However, not all characters resonate with every reader. Some may find certain personalities too stereotypical or one-dimensional, which can detract from the overall experience. Nonetheless, the majority of readers will appreciate the diverse and captivating characters that drive the narrative forward.

Highlights of the character development in this novella include:

  • Engaging dialogue and believable interactions
  • Strong relationships and connections among characters
  • Distinct, memorable personalities

In summary, “Private Liaison Sorrens and Gamble: Indecency Suites Novella #9” offers an intriguing character-driven story that many readers will find captivating.

Pros and Cons

The “Private Liaison Sorrens and Gamble: Indecency Suites Novella #9” has received quite a positive response from readers. Most of them praised the M/M relationship portrayed in the story, as well as the steamy scenes and engaging plot. The characters of Jared and Reid were well-received, with their chemistry and attraction evident throughout the book. Additionally, the novella’s wit and sarcasm were appreciated by many, making it an enjoyable read.

However, as a short novella, some readers might find the story too brief and may prefer more in-depth development of the characters and their relationship. The series is also explicit, which may not be to everyone’s taste. However, for those who enjoy a hot and passionate M/M romance, this book is worth consideration.

To sum it up, here are the pros and cons:

Pros Cons
Engaging plot and characters Short length
Positive response to M/M relationship Explicit content may not be for everyone
Wit, sarcasm, and enjoyable writing Potential desire for more depth

Overall, the confident and clear consensus is that this novella will suit those who enjoy steamy M/M romance with engaging characters and a dose of humor and sarcasm.

Impact of the Novel’s Length

In reviewing the novella “Private Liaison Sorrens and Gamble: Indecency Suites Novella #9” by Anabella Roscoff, it is important to consider the impact of its length. The novella’s concise format allows for a fast-paced, engaging read that leaves readers yearning for more. Despite being brief, this M/M story about Jared and Reid manages to pack quite a punch in terms of sensuality and intensity. Most readers find the story’s short length to be a positive aspect, as it keeps the narrative focused on the steamy encounter between the two main characters.

However, some might argue that the novella is too short, not providing enough room for character development and backstory. For example, the story barely scratches the surface of Jared’s struggle with his public image as a married man and his secret desires. Still, considering the format, the author effectively delivers an enjoyable taste of the Indecency Suites series. As part of a broader series, this novella invites readers to explore more about the world and characters within if they desire more depth in their reading experience. Overall, the length of this particular work works in its favor, providing a satisfying and engaging quick read.

Languages and Publication Details

I recently came across this captivating novella called “Private Liaison Sorrens and Gamble: Indecency Suites Novella #9” and I must say, it’s worth burying your free time in. For those who predominantly read English, you’re in luck, as this riveting story is published in English.

When I first saw the paperback version, I was amazed by its compact dimensions of 5 x 0.19 x 8 inches. It’s easy to hold, weighing just 4.6 ounces, making it ideal to carry around. With a print length of 73 pages, it is part of a fantastic series consisting of 10 books, which are independently published.

Released on February 6, 2020, this novella represents contemporary literature at its finest. Its ISBN-13 is 979-8610185262, and the ASIN is B084DG7RBT. So if you’re considering investing in this thrilling series, “Private Liaison Sorrens and Gamble: Indecency Suites Novella #9” is an excellent addition to your collection, providing enjoyment and entertainment in equal measure.

Reader Experiences

Many readers have found the 9th installment of the “Private Liaison Sorrens and Gamble” to be truly engaging and enjoyable. The novella stands out among its counterparts, receiving praise for its smart blend of heat and attraction combined with sarcasm and wit. Those who have read the book describe it as a juicy and intriguing piece that is difficult to put down.

The story follows the characters Reid and Jared as they navigate their relationship, initially starting as a transaction that gradually turns into something more meaningful. The two-hour liaison of the characters is described as intense and eye-opening by the readers. Fans of the Indecency Suites series compare the books to soap operas that keep them hooked, with Reid and Jared’s encounter deemed as a memorable one.

Although this novella is short, readers emphasize its steamy and captivating nature. Even those who are new to Anabella Roscoff’s work find the story to be a pleasing introduction to the author’s style. Overall, readers have expressed their desire to see more of Reid and Jared’s story in the future.


In conclusion, “Private Liaison Sorrens and Gamble: Indecency Suites Novella #9” is a steamy and enjoyable addition to Anabella Roscoff’s thrilling series. With a confident 4.8 rating based on 9 reviews, readers have praised the irresistible chemistry between Reid and Jared, as well as the wit and sarcasm infused in the story. This M/M installment stands out as a favorite for many, delivering intense, eye-opening scenes without compromising on the emotional depth.

Although it’s a novella, the captivating storyline proved rich and engaging, pulling readers in and not letting go until the end. The characters are well-developed, making you root for them and hope they find happiness together. Despite its brevity, this tale leaves a lasting impression on its readers, eagerly anticipating what comes next in the Indecency Suites series.