Powers of the Psalms: Unveiling Occult Classics – Worth Exploring?

Searching for a comprehensive and insightful book on the spiritual power of the Psalms? We’ve recently explored Power of the Psalms by Anna Riva, and it appears to be an excellent choice for those interested in harnessing the hidden wisdom of these ancient verses.

This well-researched book delves deep into the meaning behind each Psalm, uncovering their secret power to improve various aspects of your life. The author, Anna Riva, a renowned spiritual practitioner, provides clear guidance on how to use different Psalms for specific intentions and situations.

The book receives high praise from its readers, earning a 4.8-star rating. It is a testament to the author’s vast knowledge and the clarity of her writing, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced spiritual practitioners.

However, some readers may find the content somewhat dense as it covers a broad range of historical, cultural, and esoteric information. It’s important to approach this book with an open mind and be prepared to learn gradually, though, as the rewards can be truly transformative.

Bottom Line

“Power of the Psalms” by Anna Riva is an enlightening and valuable resource for anyone seeking to improve their spiritual journey and gain a deeper understanding of these sacred songs.

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Power of the Psalms: Overview

Diving into the world of spirituality, the book “Power of the Psalms” by Anna Riva offers a comprehensive guide to harnessing the wisdom, energies, and spiritual power from the ancient Psalms. The author shares intricate details on how to effectively utilize the 150 Psalms for various purposes, including emotional healing, personal growth, and strengthening one’s connection to the divine.

While readers enjoy this book’s inspiring and transformative content, some may find certain passages a bit repetitive. However, building a well-rounded understanding of the connection between the Psalms and their practical applications makes up for this minor drawback. Overall, those seeking to deepen their knowledge on the esoteric teachings of the Psalms will find this book an engaging and enlightening read.

Page Length and Dimensions

When it comes to the physical aspect of “Power of the Psalms,” the book is easy to handle and comfortable to read, thanks to its size. Measuring only 6 x 0.29 x 9 inches in dimensions, this paperback edition is just the right size to carry in your bag or hold in your hands during a relaxed reading session. Weighing a mere 7.2 ounces, you’ll have no trouble holding or carrying this book around.

The 128-page book is optimum in length, allowing for an engaging and comprehensive read without becoming too long or overly extensive. Published in English by Brawtley Press on July 12, 2015, this book remains user-friendly and approachable despite being information-packed.

In conclusion, the “Power of the Psalms” manages to strike a balance between concise and comprehensive, making it an enjoyable read for anyone interested in the subject. Its lightweight and conveniently sized dimensions contribute to a great overall reading experience.

ISBN Details

Many readers appreciate key information about a book, such as its ISBN. “Power of the Psalms” features an ISBN-10 of 1943138605, while its ISBN-13 is 978-1943138609. These details securely identify the paperback edition, which is published by Brawtley Press, and distinguish it from other editions or similar titles available in the market.

The experience of reading this specific 128-page paperback is enhanced by its moderate dimensions of 6 x 0.29 x 9 inches, making it easy to carry around for reference or study. Weighing only 7.2 ounces, it is light in the hands, facilitating extended reading sessions.

Published in English on July 12, 2015, this book has gained a following and holds a respectable position in the bestsellers ranking. Overall, “Power of the Psalms” is a reliable choice for those interested in its engaging content, and its ISBN details serve to confirm the authenticity and quality of this edition.

Pros and Cons


The “Power of the Psalms” is highly praised by its users for delivering a deep understanding of the biblical texts. Many readers appreciate the guidance it provides on utilizing the Psalms for prayer and even hoodoo practices. Known for its calming effect, the book is often recommended for both positive and negative life situations. Fans of the book appreciate the accessibility and simplicity of the prayers presented, making it easy to incorporate into daily routines. Another strong feature is its organized thematic arrangement, allowing readers to easily find what they need for specific moments in their lives.


While most users applaud the content within “Power of the Psalms”, some have experienced issues with the product outside of its pages. For instance, a few customers reported not receiving their copy of the book due to issues with the bookshop. Another complaint, specifically related to the Kindle version, revolves around the poor presentation of the pages, resembling photocopies and making it difficult to read. This led to disappointment among Kindle users and caused some to return their purchases.

Publication and Language

The book “Power of the Psalms” by Anna Riva was published on July 12, 2015, by Brawtley Press. Having 128 pages in total, it is written in English, ensuring that the majority of readers can enjoy and understand its contents. The book measures 6 x 0.29 x 9 inches and weighs 7.2 ounces, making it a convenient size to carry around or read on the go.

From a language perspective, the book is clear and easy to understand. The author’s confidence and knowledge shine through, and the neutral tone maintains a third-person point of view throughout. While the best sellers rank cannot be provided here, you can refer to Amazon’s website for these details.

Overall, “Power of the Psalms” is well-presented, allowing readers to appreciate its contents without any language barriers.

Customer Reviews

Many buyers of the “Power of the Psalms” have shared their thoughts on the book, and it has garnered a strong 4.8-star rating from 3318 ratings on Amazon. A recurring sentiment among readers is the book’s power to provide guidance and understanding through each psalm. Customers have found solace in reading the Psalms and using them as a tool for prayer and reflection, leading to positive effects on their lives.

While most reviewers highly recommend the book, one dissatisfied customer mentioned not receiving their purchase from the bookshop. Another expressed disappointment in the Kindle version, as it resembled photocopies of the physical book, making it difficult to read. However, the majority of satisfied readers appreciate the organization by themes, simplicity, and inspiration the book offers.

Despite a few criticisms, the overall consensus indicates that “Power of the Psalms” is an invaluable resource for those seeking spiritual growth and comfort through the Psalms in everyday life.

Final Thoughts

The “Power of the Psalms” is a popular book among its readers, receiving an overall rating of 4.8 stars with over 3,318 reviews. Many people appreciate its focus on understanding the word of God and its guidance on using the psalms for prayer and hoodoo practices. Readers find that it provides a sense of calm and can be applied to various life situations.

Some users mention its easy-to-follow prayers and themed arrangement as a convenient way to find what they need in the moment. While the book receives mostly positive reviews, there are some instances where customers experience shipping issues, making them unable to enjoy the book. Additionally, one reader disliked the Kindle version, which was a poor photocopy; they returned their purchase because of this.

Overall, the book delivers a wealth of inspiring and enlightening content for those looking to deepen their spirituality and strengthen their connection with the Psalms. Just keep in mind the potential shipping issues and consider purchasing a physical copy for the best experience.