Powerless By Elsie Silver: A 4.4-Rated Romance Worth Reading?

Calling all romance novel enthusiasts! We stumbled upon a captivating friends-to-lovers story titled Powerless – set in the charming small town of Chestnut Springs. This heartwarming book has swept us off our feet, leaving a lasting impression with its relatable characters and engaging storyline.

The captivating tale written by Elsie Silver will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride as it unfolds the trials and tribulations faced by the protagonists. The paperback is a comfortable read with 502 pages, making it perfect for a weekend getaway or a cozy night in.

Though Powerless is the third book in the Chestnut Springs series, it stands strong as an individual story without requiring prior knowledge of the other books. You’ll find yourself immersed in the well-crafted narrative, as Elsie Silver paints a vivid picture of life, love, and friendship in small-town America.

Bottom Line

As avid readers, we felt that “Powerless” hits the mark as a must-read friends-to-lovers romance novel. Not only does it captivate with its engaging story and likable characters, but it also showcases the magic of small-town living and the power of love.

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Powerless: A Small Town Friends to Lovers Romance – Overview

In our experience, “Powerless” takes us back to the charming town of Chestnut Springs and the Wishing Well Ranch, owned and operated by the Eaton Family. This third book in the series introduces us to Jasper, who is not a blood relative but rather a son and brother of the heart. As fans of hockey romance, we were thrilled to see this aspect play a role in the story, and it’s definitely a bonus in an already incredible series.

The friendship and family relationships portrayed in the book are genuinely heartwarming, and the sweet blend of romance and sports keeps us engaged. As we delved into Sloane and Jasper’s story, we found the sexual tension between them had a “will they won’t they” dynamic, reminiscent of early Ross and Rachel moments from “Friends.” The dialogue between the two characters is respectful, playful, and balanced.

Perhaps the only slight drawback is that Jasper’s backstory could have been explored more thoroughly. However, overall, “Powerless” is a delightful addition to the series, and we highly recommend diving into the world of Chestnut Springs.

Unraveling the Plot

In “Powerless: A Small Town Friends to Lovers Romance,” we dive back into the charming town of Chestnut Springs and its lovely inhabitants. This particular tale is focused on Jasper and Sloane’s heartwarming journey. As we devoured the pages, we found ourselves rooting for these two as they navigated the complexities of friendship turning into romance.

One aspect that particularly drew us into their story was the engaging dialogue between the characters. It felt genuine, giving life to the plot and making their relationship feel realistic. As fans of hockey romance, we were thrilled to see this element included and expertly woven into events.

Of course, no romance novel is complete without its fair share of tension and challenges. The “will-they-won’t-they” dynamic keeps us turning page after page, eager to see how it all unfolds. Although there were few minor drawbacks, such as feeling the author skimmed over Jasper’s backstory, overall, we appreciated how the book delved into the characters’ lives in a delightful manner.

In summary, if you’re seeking an engaging friends-to-lovers romance set in a vibrant small town, this book should be on your radar. The author masterfully delivers an enjoyable ride full of emotions, witty exchanges, and captivating characters.

Delving into the Characters

As we dive into the characters of “Powerless: A Small Town Friends to Lovers Romance”, we can’t help but be captivated by the unique personalities and relatable interactions they share. The main characters, Jasper and Sloane, have a chemistry that is undeniable, and their playful and respectful dialogue is a breath of fresh air.

Their relationship is filled with sexual tension, which reminds us of the “will they won’t they” dynamic of iconic TV couples like Ross and Rachel from Friends. Readers seem to truly enjoy the friendship and family bonds developed throughout the series, adding to its overall charm.

Although some might feel Jasper’s backstory was a bit skimmed over, the author’s portrayal of realistic themes and engaging writing style keeps us hooked. The return to Chestnut Springs and the Wishing Well Ranch, owned and operated by the Eaton Family, is also a nostalgic delight. While it may not be everyone’s favorite installment in the series, “Powerless” still leaves us wanting more adventures in this vivid small-town universe.

In-Depth Language and Writing Style Analysis

As we delved into “Powerless: A Small Town Friends to Lovers Romance,” we found it to be a captivating read, thanks to its engaging writing and vivid language. The dialogue between the characters, especially Jasper and Sloane, was a major highlight—believable, respectful, and playful. This well-written book has a good balance of realistic themes making it all the more enjoyable for readers.

A few readers noticed the sexual tension between the main characters, reminiscent of something similar to Ross and Rachel in the early seasons of Friends, which kept the plot intriguing. Despite some feeling that Jasper’s backstory could have been more developed, overall, the story is a wonderful addition to the Chestnut Springs series that many have come to love.

The author’s portrayal of friendship and family dynamics truly resonates with the readers, and the inclusion of hockey romance is an added bonus for enthusiasts. Although some consider Sloane and Jasper’s story not to be their favorite in the series, “Powerless” remains a highly recommended read, leaving us with anticipation for what is to come in future installments.

Pros and Cons


We discovered several positives while reading “Powerless: A Small Town Friends to Lovers Romance.” The vivid portrayal of the town of Chestnut Springs and the Wishing Well Ranch is one of the standout features. The strong sense of community, friendships, and family relationships make this series truly enjoyable. The lovable characters in this book, such as Jasper and Sloane, are well-developed and relatable, with an engaging banter that makes their conversations feel real and dynamic.

In addition to the small-town charm, “Powerless” also offers romance fans the excitement of a hockey theme. This adds a new level of depth to the story and makes it more appealing for those who appreciate sports-themed romances.

Another strength of “Powerless” is the palpable tension between Jasper and Sloane. Readers love the “will they won’t they” feel of their relationship, as it is reminiscent of classic TV romances. The author also manages to craft a realistic storyline by handling various themes and scenarios with sensitivity and depth.


While we enjoyed reading “Powerless,” there were a few areas that could have been improved. Some readers felt that the book didn’t fully explore Jasper’s backstory, leaving them wanting more information on his character. This can lead to a somewhat less immersive experience.

Additionally, while the series as a whole has been praised for its cohesion, “Powerless” didn’t resonate as strongly as earlier installments for some readers. But it should be noted that this is a matter of personal preference, and overall, the series remains highly recommended.

In conclusion, “Powerless: A Small Town Friends to Lovers Romance” is an engaging read that transports readers to Chestnut Springs and offers a heartwarming exploration of friendship, love, and family surrounded by an entertaining hockey backdrop. However, some may find aspects of the book, such as character development, slightly underwhelming. We are confident in the knowledge that this book will still delight and entertain readers seeking a captivating romance set in a charming small town.

Reflection on Customer Reviews

As we dived into the plethora of reviews for “Powerless: A Small Town Friends to Lovers Romance,” it became clear that readers hold a dear place in their hearts for the charming setting of Chestnut Springs. Many praised the author’s ability to effortlessly weave together engaging character relationships, particularly the likable siblings at the Wishing Well Ranch.

A majority of the reviews highlighted the enjoyment of watching the chemistry and romantic tension unfold between Jasper and Sloane. Humorous and meaningful dialogues between the characters added to the captivating experience. Moreover, the inclusion of a hockey romance added an extra layer of excitement for the fans of the series.

However, some reviews noted that the book was not their favorite in the series, but still considered it an enjoyable read. A few were left wanting a bit more depth in Jasper’s backstory, feeling that it was slightly overlooked. Overall, the consensus on “Powerless” is positive, as the compelling storytelling, witty humor, and heartwarming friendships solidified the readers’ attachment to the Chestnut Springs universe.


After spending time with “Powerless: A Small Town Friends to Lovers Romance,” we can confidently say that it’s an engaging read. The story takes us back to Chestnut Springs and the Wishing Well Ranch, involving us in the lives of the Eaton Family and their close friend, Jasper. The book is filled with a perfect mix of romance, friendship, and a hint of sports, appealing to readers with varied interests.

The characters of Sloane and Jasper are well-written, with a playful and respectful dialogue that keeps us hooked. The sexual tension between them adds to the excitement, making us wonder whether they’ll end up together. While some might feel that Jasper’s backstory has been underexplored, the book still offers an enjoyable experience as a whole.

The author’s portrayal of the strong bonds between the town’s inhabitants and the inclusion of realistic themes contribute to a heartwarming narrative. The series is highly recommended, even if “Powerless” might not be everyone’s absolute favorite.

Overall, if you’re looking for a charming, lighthearted read that combines friendship, love, and sports, “Powerless: A Small Town Friends to Lovers Romance” is a solid choice. Happy reading!