Weaving between shadows, a dandelion sun grazed the backs of their uniforms. They crept along concrete slabs skirting […]

The eternal warm dusk in the Astoria lounge was punctuated by the soft hum of a gramophone in […]

‘Those clouds are really weird, like they don’t look real.’ I look out the window at the twilight. […]

He was sat on the terrace outside one of the nondescript bars when John saw him, perched upon […]

The island was small and solitary, and the Aegean Sea surrounded it with an intense blue that exalted […]

I was already in pretty big trouble when I ran over the black-tailed godwit. I live by and […]

11/12/15 Dear diary, Today I killed Santa. I know it sounds terrible but he asked for it. Really. […]

James watches Fran lying beside him, half asleep, half awake. He’s so horny in the morning, but she’s […]

7th December Hi Sarah, You will think really bad of me for not writing. I won’t lie, it […]

“You claim that there are people in this world without fantasies, who live without hope or illusions? In […]