I. The great martyrs of old tower over Pete, shimmering in the kaleidoscopic glow of stained glass. Resolutely, […]

This is written prior to Sidney being a priest and a detective in the well-known TV Series. He […]

Barry used the private moment to check his smile against his reflection: warm, genuine, kind-hearted – he was […]

Mary couldn’t feel the cold, though her sister complained it was freezing. Perhaps she was warm from all […]

Comma Press are known for their short story anthologies, especially those centred around cities. Previous collections include The […]

The phrase ‘careful what you wish for’ gets kicked around a lot these days, without much thought for […]

9th October 2002 – Mum made us watch Neighbours again today; I mean the TV show by the […]

Well to say I was confused at the beginning, is an understatement. The first chapter is repeated three […]

The residents of Mrs Craddock’s seaside boarding house all agreed that the gentleman lately installed in room 13 […]

The Crusades, religious corruption, and complex communities: Wayne Turmel confronts it all in his newest series, The Lucca […]