BRING ME MY SHOTGUN Cliff Richard had gone too far this time.  He was going to pay. Keith […]

 BRING ME MY SHOTGUN   I’ll never forget the Christmas of ‘68.  It was when my Uncle Eddie […]

BRING ME MY SHOTGUN BRING ME MY SHOTGUN Will stands by the entrance and fucks his luck. Why […]

BRING ME MY SHOTGUN This was the best Christmas present Kevin ever received. Even better than the Superman […]

CONFESSIONS OF A FIRST TIME NOVELIST by Sally-Anne Wilkinson Remember, remember, it’s NaNoWriMo For those of you who […]

* So the time has come to open up the voting for the first ever STORGY Short Film. […]

JAMES MILLER Critically acclaimed novelist and short story writer James Miller opens up about his influences, interests, and […]

* SEND HER AWAY Sarah pressed the spoon hard onto the aspirin tablets, crushing them into a fine […]

* SEND HER AWAY ‘Send her away.’ ‘Sorry?’ ‘Send her away.’ I look around. ‘Who?’ ‘Her.’ We’re alone. […]

* Send Her Away   The Matron Polly had scuttled over to the far corner where she was […]