* SEND HER AWAY Sarah pressed the spoon hard onto the aspirin tablets, crushing them into a fine […]

* SEND HER AWAY ‘Send her away.’ ‘Sorry?’ ‘Send her away.’ I look around. ‘Who?’ ‘Her.’ We’re alone. […]

* Send Her Away   The Matron Polly had scuttled over to the far corner where she was […]

* Send Her Away You stand hidden in a doorway, your breath rising, a phantom on the frosty […]

* SEND HER AWAY Jen sat sobbing on the sofa, snot dribbling from her nose. She wiped it […]

Send Her Away The Doctor poured the drinks.  His right eye glinted beneath a raised eyebrow; locked on […]

* Send Her Away The literary agent fake-clears her throat. “‘The rain droplets on the windows,’” she reads, […]

* SEND HER AWAY Karl, still wearing his stained overalls and grimy boots, stepped into Liberty department store […]

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* Send Her Away You can call me whatever you like. My mother calls me Angela. Something like […]