Through the cocoon of my blanket, through the holes in my moth-eaten drapes, through the film of grey […]

I will deny it of course, but in truth, my focus is definitely on the back of his […]

The alarm beeps at 6 in the morning. Mark gets out of bed quickly, knowing that if he […]

In this moment, rising out of everything, it’s our first kiss I remember. To me, it’s far clearer […]

All around me are working class folk devils.  I am a god-fearing man now, but I have ended […]

Apparently there’s a polish proverb that states ‘When a man hurries, the devil smiles.’ I know this to […]

Lying in bed, Eva Summer heard the familiar sounds: the scuttling across the wooden floors, that faint scratching […]

You fucker. You think you can mess with me, huh? Do you? Do you really? You got a […]

“You have to singe the hair off, remove the insides, then pop it back on the fire again […]

B The loud thud of nails entering the wood. The slow lowering of the casket underground. The pungent […]