Hello readers. ┬áIt’s time to get your thinking heads on and come up with new titles for our […]

Here we have Anthony Self’s brilliant story based on the previously chosen title, ‘The Last two People Left […]

Following the announcement of our new ‘you-write’ section on STORGY, we were pleased to see some great titles […]

And now it’s time for Tomek Dzido’s take on your submitted title; ‘THE LAST TWO PEOPLE LEFT ON […]

Afternoon everyone. Here we have Sally-Anne Wilinson’s short story based on your title; ‘The Last Two People Left […]

Hello All. Here we have Cathy Vella’s new short story based on your title; ‘THE LAST TWO PEOPLE […]

The winning title chosen by Damien Horgan is: THE LAST TWO PEOPLE LEFT ON THE NIGHT BUS And […]

Here we have the second batch of title submissions from our wonderful readers: We were right all along […]

Here we have Dave Lazer’s fascinating take on what the future holds. Includes Tom Cruise and laser robots […]

Eyup. We are now requesting titles for our second batch of short stories. They can be anything at […]