WITH BARTHES, ON BOREDOM Fragments from a Diary of an Obscure Indian Writer by Sunil Sharma I Barthes […]

DYING FOR AN ANGEL by Mathew Deane Part 1 *             Nathalia counted the rainbows as they appeared […]

ET TU, BRUTE by SIAN EVANS “Coming, ready or not.” A giggle split the sky.  Magpies – two […]

THE TUTTI by Tomek Dzido Jack Darkins sits in the front seat of his Ford Focus trying to […]

ISHMAEL by Ryan Licata Ishmael The drama’s done. Why then here does any one step forth? – because […]

Spoilt for Choice by Eva Rivers  With a finger hovering over the lacquered box, Martha deliberates – vegetable, […]

2014 STORGY SHORT STORY COMPETITION We are pleased to announce that this years STORGY Short Story Competition will be judged […]

THE EYES TEST by Anthony Self Sarah blinked awkwardly, a solitary tear rolling down her cheek. The man […]

JE T’AIME by Sally-Anne Wilkinson Dear Andy, Oh God, I can’t believe I’m writing this letter!  It’s soooo […]

SUNRISE OVER THIERS by Benjamin Hewitt It’s my third day volunteering in France, and nobody knows I’m stoned. […]