There was no way to put last week’s events in any form of rational order. Believing that it […]

He fastened the zip on her emerald green dress, tightening her sagging shoulders back into the firm curve […]

He places his glass on the shelf and the water is tilted. A sharper, stronger, heavier lull pushes […]

[Day 412] This is where the world ends. I have to capture it, contain it, frame it in […]

2014 STORGY Short Story Competition We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2014 STORGY Short Story […]

THE UNTIMELY DEMISE OF DANFORTH ELLORY by Lauren Bell Not so long ago, a comic shop owner named […]

GARBAGE THEORY by Benjamin Hewitt The Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife, Samantha, aborted their half-reptilian baby […]

MORNING PERSON by A. Suiter Clarke Elise could not get back to sleep. She squirmed deeper into her […]

BIRD GIRL by Cathy Vella Emily lived under the old house for as long as she could remember. […]

And so here we have the Longlist and Shortlist of the 2014 STORGY Short Story Competition. With genuine […]