In the beginning was the word and the word was snow. Delicious, huge piles of it all the […]

There’s good ventriloquism and there’s bad ventriloquism. I do bad ventriloquism and on a regular basis. That’s not […]

They drank too much whenever he came round. Neither of them had an alcohol problem but she always […]

  Must is a word my mother often uses. Ti, must you always wear that ratty hat inside the house? Your father must leave now to pick […]

The myriad of scuffs reach out across his worn leather shoes – like a maze, he thinks, and […]

Smelling sweetly with stored hay, dust motes danced wildly through the cracked rivulets of light inside the barn. […]

Kate lay in the moist grass.  Dew glistened on the leaf tips as the morning sunshine, like tiny […]

‘We shouldn’t be doing this, you know.’ It was more of a statement than a question. Despite the […]

The two of them stood on a glacier in Iceland, watching the Northern Lights flash and burn across […]

Once upon a memory they sat back to back on the jagged rocks.  One young girl and one […]