THE WEDDING by Sian Evans If he had his time again he would have changed one thing.  He […]

THE WEDDING by Tom Dowding Mine might be the very last face you’d expect to see at this […]

CONFESSION by Tomek Dzido He sits on the front pew and looks up, the Son of God hanging […]

THE WEDDING by Sally-Anne Wilkinson That night, Obsita was swarming, which was comforting for us.  Exhausted after days […]

SOME OTHER WEDDING by Ryan Licata The wedding venue, a large thatched house built beside a small lake, […]

THE WEDDING by Benjamin Hewitt Nicols + co. Guns. Rifles. Accessories. Eddie always wanted the Christian bookshop he […]

THE WEDDING by Anthony Self ‘Are you ready?’ Michael inhaled deeply. He measured himself in the mirror. His […]

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THE WEDDING An Uncanny Union by Lauren Bell There is something odd going on here, I can sense […]

THE HEAVEN OF CANNIBALS ‘HEARTBURN’ by Tomek Dzido ‘It’s dangerous out there,’ he warns, shoveling a Mars Bar […]