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Maybe Not By Colleen Hoover: Is Maybe Someday (2) Worth Reading?

Colleen Hoover, Maybe Not, Maybe Someday

Searching for a captivating novella to immerse yourself in? We’ve dived into “Maybe Not” by Colleen Hoover, the second book in the Maybe Someday series, and we’d love to share our insights with you.

This engaging read is a standalone novella with a plot revolving around a unique romantic story that intertwines humor and passion. With a solid 4.2-star rating from over 23,000 readers, “Maybe Not” has certainly captured the hearts of many.

The storyline follows an unlikely couple, who are brought together in unexpected circumstances, allowing for the development of their relationship amidst a plethora of intriguing twists and turns. This makes the book an enjoyable light read, perfect for unwinding after a long day or as a satisfying weekend indulgence.

However, one minor drawback is that the novella is relatively short, which some readers may find leaves them yearning for more. Yet, this brevity allows for a quick and satisfying read that captivates throughout.

Bottom Line

If you’re searching for a well-written, engaging romance that offers a blend of humor and passion, “Maybe Not” by Colleen Hoover delivers just that.

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The Captivating ‘Maybe Not: A Novella (2) (Maybe Someday)’

Diving into the world of ‘Maybe Not’, a novella by Colleen Hoover, readers are treated to a captivating and engaging storyline that leaves them wanting more. Featuring a 4.2-star rating from over 23,000 Amazon customers, this book has garnered considerable praise for its content and style.

The novella serves as a bridge between ‘Maybe Someday’ and its characters, offering insight into the lives of Warren and Bridgette. Many readers appreciate the author’s ability to provide a fresh perspective on these two characters while maintaining a fast-paced and easily digestible narrative.

That said, some fans have mentioned a desire for an even deeper exploration of the characters’ thoughts and perspectives. However, most readers seem to agree that ‘Maybe Not’ is a must-read, especially for those who loved ‘Maybe Someday’.

Its relatable characters and their realistic flaws truly resonate with the audience, making for an enjoyable and quick read. So, even though it’s a novella, it doesn’t compromise on the emotional depth and the connection readers feel toward the characters. Give ‘Maybe Not’ a read and lose yourself in the beautifully crafted world of Colleen Hoover.

Engaging Character Portrayal

“Maybe Not: A Novella” by Colleen Hoover excels in portraying engaging characters that captivate the reader’s attention. The novella offers a unique perspective to the lives of Warren and Bridgette, two secondary characters from the bestselling book “Maybe Someday.” Readers appreciate diving into Warren and Bridgette’s minds, understanding their actions and motivations. Their dynamic relationship, complete with flaws and realistic emotions, makes the story relatable and enjoyable.

Some reviewers expressed delight over the glimpses into each character’s background, allowing a deeper connection to the story. However, a few wished for more insights into Bridgette’s thoughts from her point of view. The novella is a quick, easy read with a compelling storyline that leaves readers eager for more, connecting it beautifully with the original story.

Overall, “Maybe Not: A Novella” does a fantastic job of showcasing engaging character portrayals, enhancing the reader’s experience and making it an excellent addition to the series.

Explores Complex Relationships

“Maybe Not”, a novella in the Maybe Someday series, dives into the complicated dynamics between the characters. As an engaging read, it offers valuable insight into Warren and Bridgette’s thoughts and motivations. While Ridge and Sydney’s story is thoroughly explored in the first book, this novella focuses on the details of how Warren and Bridgette met and sheds light on Bridgette’s background.

The novella successfully captures the complexities of their initially rocky relationship and readers have praised it for being a fast, enjoyable read. Although it’s a short story, the emotional depth and character development are not compromised. One drawback is that some readers would like to have seen more of Bridgette’s perspective; however, the insight into her past and the overall story make up for this.

In summary, “Maybe Not” thrives in exploring intricate relationships and vividly brings to life the histories of Bridgette and Warren. Readers who appreciate romance and character-driven stories will find this novella a delightful and engrossing read.

Profound Life Lessons

“Maybe Not: A Novella” is more than just a story revolving around the relationship between Bridgette and Warren. It’s packed with profound life lessons that are subtly woven throughout the narrative. Many readers have found gems of wisdom within the pages of this book. For example, it teaches that our pasts do not always define our futures, and the transformative power of love can help us learn to accept and trust others.

Although the novella might be a quick and easy read, the engaging storyline allows you to genuinely connect with the characters and their emotions. This lends more weight to the life lessons when they unfold—encouraging forgiveness and embracing change.

Some readers may have expected the story to focus on Ridge and Sydney, instead, it cleverly shifts to Bridgette and Warren, displaying another perspective that was not previously explored. The novella balances romance and life lessons while maintaining its clear and neutral tone.

Overall, this book is a shining example of how an author can deliver impactful messages through well-developed characters and storylines.

Pros and Cons


The “Maybe Not: A Novella (2) (Maybe Someday)” offers a fresh perspective on the story, allowing readers to dive deeper into characters and relationships that were only hinted at in the first book. Many readers have a strong attachment to the Maybe series, praising it as their favorite Colleen Hoover collection.

The novella is engaging and easy to read, making it a quick and enjoyable experience for fans of romance and New Adult novels. With memorable characters like Warren and Bridgette brought to the forefront, their chemistry and connection are explored in depth, giving readers a greater appreciation for their roles in the series. The writing style is confident, knowledgeable, and clear, allowing the reader to become more invested in the story.

Additionally, the book’s physical quality receives compliments, with reports of clean, new, and well-maintained copies through Amazon delivery.


As the novella primarily focuses on the backstory of Warren and Bridgette, some readers may find themselves disappointed if they expected a direct continuation of Ridge and Sydney’s story. Since “Maybe Not” doesn’t follow the main protagonists from book one, it’s essential for potential buyers to know this beforehand to avoid any confusion or disappointment.

Being a novella, the book is shorter than a full-length novel, which may leave some wanting more of the story. Loyal Colleen Hoover fans who are used to full-length formats could feel like there is limited space for character development and plot progression. However, many still appreciate the supplementary glimpse into side characters that this novella offers.

In conclusion, “Maybe Not: A Novella (2) (Maybe Someday)” is an enjoyable and engaging read for fans of the series, despite its shorter length and focus on side characters. With a delightful exploration of Warren and Bridgette’s relationship, readers can expect an entertaining addition to the Maybe series.

Experiences from Readers

Readers of “Maybe Not: A Novella (2) (Maybe Someday)” have shared many positive experiences with the book. The novella, authored by Colleen Hoover, has received a rating of 4.2 out of 5 on Amazon. Many readers enjoyed the continuation of the Maybe series, stating that it was their favorite Colleen Hoover series. They appreciated getting a glimpse into the lives of the other characters during the same time frame as “Maybe Someday.”

Another aspect that readers enjoyed was being able to hear the thoughts and viewpoints from various characters. Some readers even wished they could hear more from Bridgette’s perspective. The novella is described as a short and fast read, which successfully provides additional background and development for the characters Warren and Bridgette.

However, there were a few readers who mentioned they would have liked for the book to be longer. The novella format left them craving for more depth in the storyline. Nonetheless, readers found themselves easily immersed in the relatable and flawed characters, resulting in some finishing the book in just one sitting.

Overall, “Maybe Not” is a highly recommended read for those who are fans of the series and enjoy romance novels.

Final Words

In conclusion, “Maybe Not: A Novella (2) (Maybe Someday)” is a delightful and engaging addition to Colleen Hoover’s Maybe series. Readers who enjoyed the first book will appreciate this novella, as it offers a fresh perspective on the story through the eyes of two secondary characters, Bridgette and Warren. This concise piece of writing provides background information for the characters, making them more relatable and adding depth to the overall story.

Although it’s a short read, it packs quite an emotional punch and can be finished in just a couple of hours. The novella is written in a clear, third-person point of view and showcases Hoover’s distinct talent for creating realistic, flawed characters. While some readers may wish for a longer story, the novella format does not take away from the powerful emotions and intense romance contained within its pages.

“Maybe Not” is an enjoyable and worthwhile read for anyone who loves romance books and is already a fan of the Maybe series. It is recommended to read the books in order, but even if you haven’t, you’re likely to find enjoyment in this captivating tale.