Heartless by Marissa Meyer: A Masterful Reimagined Story About The Queen Of Hearts

Are you searching for a captivating read that combines fantasy and romance? Look no further than “Heartless” by Marissa Meyer – a riveting reimagining of the Alice in Wonderland story focusing on the Queen of Hearts.

The book follows Catherine, a noble-born lady with dreams of owning a bakery and falling in love. But fate has other plans, as she becomes the favorite of the King of Hearts. As one of the most sought-after women in Wonderland, Catherine’s journey is filled with fantastical elements and unexpected twists.

Readers have praised the author’s ability to weave together a compelling story with lush descriptions, exceptional character development, and a gripping plot. However, some have found the pacing a bit slow at times, while others have warned that the emotional depth of the book might lead to heartbreak.

Despite these minor concerns, “Heartless” remains a highly recommended read for ages 12 and up, offering an immersive experience that transports readers to a land of whimsy and wonder.

Bottom Line

With its enchanting storytelling and captivating characters, “Heartless” by Marissa Meyer is a must-read for anyone who enjoys a well-crafted reimagining of a classic tale.

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Heartless: A Quick Overview

“Heartless,” written by Marissa Meyer, has won the hearts of many readers with its amazing 4.5-star rating on Amazon, reflecting the satisfaction of 7578 customers. This gripping novel provides a captivating journey with vivid characters and an enthralling plot. Of course, while the book has garnered a significant number of positive ratings, it may have some areas that may not resonate with every reader.

From personal experience, I can confidently say that “Heartless” provides an unforgettable experience with its immersive storytelling. The novel showcases both the good and bad aspects, effortlessly engaging the reader throughout its entirety.

Engaging Plot

The “Heartless” novel takes readers on an emotional journey, as it masterfully unravels the backstory of the infamous Queen of Hearts. This Alice in Wonderland prequel introduces you to Catherine, a girl of noble birth, who dreams of opening a bakery and falling in love. However, her life takes unexpected twists and turns as she becomes entangled in the complexities of Wonderland, leading her to her destiny as the ruthless Queen of Hearts we know from the original story.

Despite some readers describing the opening chapters as slow-paced, the book captivates its audience with creative storytelling, vivid characters, and exquisite world-building. “Heartless” is praised for its enchanting romance, though the conclusion might leave you feeling heartbroken, as some significant plot events take darker turns. While the novel is especially well-suited for young adult readers, it remains a delightful and thrilling read for all ages.

As you submerge yourself in the whimsical world of Wonderland, “Heartless” offers an enthralling tale with rich emotions and unexpected twists that will keep you engaged till the very end.

Impressive Character Development

“Heartless” takes readers on a captivating journey through the emotions and experiences of the characters. The story dives into the life of the protagonist, Catherine, a noblewoman with an extraordinary talent for baking. Her dream of opening a bakery takes her on a rollercoaster of events, revealing her transformation into the notorious Queen of Hearts.

Readers have praised “Heartless” for its strong character development. The author provides an in-depth exploration of the protagonist’s desires, fears, and relationships. Supporting characters like the King of Hearts and other Wonderland citizens also contribute to the narrative’s depth and complexity, making the story feel more relatable and immersive.

As a prequel to Alice in Wonderland, this tale invites readers to delve into the origins of the Queen of Hearts, allowing a better understanding of her ultimate fate. However, the story also contains a few heartbreaking twists that have left some readers in tears. As such, “Heartless” offers an emotional and fulfilling read, with rich character development that resonates with readers.

Pros and Cons


“Heartless,” a creative and engaging novel, manages to captivate its readers with its imaginative take on the origin story of the Queen of Hearts. This Alice in Wonderland prequel successfully combines a relatable and likable protagonist, Catherine, with a unique, fantastical world. Catherine’s dreamy aspirations of opening a bakery and falling in love make her a sympathetic character, which effectively contrasts with her eventual role as the Queen of Hearts. The unexpected twists and emotional elements throughout the story leave readers invested in Catherine’s transformation, even when knowing her eventual fate.

The writing style appeals to a wide range of audiences, with its vivid descriptions and intricate details. Many Amazon reviewers, specifically those aged 11 and up, commend the author’s ability to flesh out the world of Wonderland and connect the readers with the characters. Another strength of the book is its romance, which readers find both heartwarming and tragic, creating an emotional rollercoaster that leaves them wholly immersed in the story.


Despite the many praises for “Heartless,” there are some readers who find the pacing slow, particularly in the beginning. This could lead to reduced engagement for some readers who prefer a quicker pace in their fantasy novels. Additionally, the book’s emotional depth and the dramatic turns of events can be upsetting for some readers, as one reviewer mentioned being heartbroken due to the unexpected character’s death.

In conclusion, “Heartless” offers a fresh perspective on a classic tale with its origin story of the Queen of Hearts. Readers who appreciate engaging and emotionally driven stories set in a rich, fantastical world will likely enjoy the book. However, those who prefer faster-paced novels or do not wish to experience heartache may not find it to their liking. Overall, Heartless presents a captivating narrative that leaves a lasting impression.

Ratings and Customer Reviews

“Heartless” has received an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars from over 7,578 ratings on Amazon, making it a highly regarded novel among readers. Customers rave about the captivating storyline and well-developed characters. Many praise the unique take on the Queen of Hearts’ backstory and appreciate the creativity that went into crafting a world before she became the infamous villain.

However, some readers mention the book’s slow pace in the beginning and express heartache over certain unexpected and emotional plot twists. Despite this, the consensus remains that “Heartless” is a beautifully written, imaginative, and engaging read for those aged 11 and up. The blend of romance, adventure, and fantasy has left a strong impact on numerous readers, leaving them both delighted and heartbroken at the same time.

In summary, “Heartless” has garnered positive feedback from its audience for its mesmerizing narrative and memorable characters. It’s an enchanting journey that successfully captures fans of both Alice in Wonderland and well-told tales alike.

The Reading Experience

The reading experience of “Heartless” is truly immersive and engaging. Readers who enjoy fairy tales, fantasy novels, and strong character development will appreciate the unique twist on the classic Alice in Wonderland story. The novel skillfully explores the backstory of the infamous Queen of Hearts, revealing a softer side to her character that is not apparent in other stories.

As a reader, you will find yourself drawn into the vivid world of Wonderland, with its peculiar inhabitants and whimsical settings. The storyline is well-paced, keeping readers interested throughout the journey. One aspect mentioned in the reviews is that the plot may start out slow, but builds up to an emotional climax that may leave many readers heartbroken.

However, some reviewers mentioned that the ending was shocking and tragic, making readers feel simultaneously drawn to and repelled by the story. This could be seen as a positive aspect, as it makes the book highly memorable and stirring. One thing to keep in mind is that the recommended age for this book is 11+.

Overall, “Heartless” offers a powerful reading experience that will captivate and linger in the minds of readers, leaving them pondering the fate of the unforgettable characters within.


In summary, “Heartless” is a captivating and emotionally stirring novel that takes readers on a journey through the origins of the Queen of Hearts. With its skilled storytelling and unforgettable characters, it has earned a 4.5-star rating from over 7500 readers.

Many of those who reviewed the book appreciated the unique look at a well-known character and praised the author’s ability to create a beautiful, if heartbreaking, story. Although some mentioned that the plot can be slow at times, the shocking twist near the end left a significant impact on readers, eliciting strong emotions and even tears. It is clear that the novel resonated deeply with many who ventured into this reimagined Wonderland.

However, there were readers who felt a sense of disappointment with the tragic turn of events, especially the demise of a beloved character. Yet, this reaction also speaks to the author’s ability to make readers feel so attached to the story.

Overall, “Heartless” is a wonderfully engaging book that will leave readers both enchanted and heartbroken. It’s an excellent pick for fans of fantasy and retellings, particularly those who enjoy exploring the deeper aspects of familiar characters. So, if you’re thinking about picking up this book, we confidently recommend giving it a read.