2014 Short Story Competition Anthology Ebook Mobi

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2014 Short Story Competition Anthology Ebook Mobi

The 2014 STORGY Short Story Competition Anthology celebrates the continued resurgence of the short story genre and showcases some of the most talented up-and-coming authors from across the world. This outstanding collection features all fourteen finalists and competitions winners, as judged by critically-acclaimed author David James Poissant. These wonderfully diverse short stories will move, amuse, unsettle, and entertain, combining to create the most eclectic collection available online.

Stories by competition winner Rowena Macdonald; runners-up Karina Evans and Juliet Hill; and finalists: H C Child, Curtis Dickerson, Aleksei Drakos, Lucy Durneen, Sarah Evans, Rab Ferguson, Dyane Forde, Thomas Stewart, Scott Palmer, Chris Arp, and Jacqueline Horrix. This edition also contains author forewords, interviews, and exclusive artwork by STORGY illustrator Harlot Von Charlotte.


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