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D Scot Miller Books: Essential Reads and Expert Analysis

Black Futurists Speak, D. Scot Miller, The Afrosurreal Manifesto

D. Scot Miller is a versatile author who has made a significant impact in the literary world. With a unique writing style and thought-provoking perspectives, Miller’s work spans genres and encompasses various themes. As an accomplished author, his books have garnered considerable attention and praise, reflecting his ability to provide readers with an engaging and enriching reading experience.

Among Miller’s publications is the notable book Black Futurists Speak, which has gained a reputation for its powerful content and innovative approach to examining African-American history and culture. Additionally, Miller has contributed his insights into the world of Afrosurreal Manifesto, providing a fascinating look into various aspects of Afrofuturism and surrealism. With his impressive bibliography and authoritative presence in the literary world, D. Scot Miller continues to captivate audiences through his thought-provoking books, making him an author worth exploring further

Life and Career

Early Life and Education

D. Scot Miller, a prominent author and contributor to the Afrosurreal Arts Movement, had an upbringing that sparked his interest in both literature and arts. Though his early life and education details are scarce, his passion for writing and dedication to his craft have been evident throughout his life.

Career Journey

Miller has been involved in various roles that have allowed him to contribute significantly to the arts, particularly in the Afrofuturism and Afrosurrealism genres. He is well-known for his book, Black Futurists Speak, which has received positive reviews and ratings. In addition to his writing, Miller is also an active participant in different aspects of the art world.

One of the key aspects of Miller’s career is his association with the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Serving as a Columnist-in-Residence, Miller has had the opportunity to not only showcase his work but also contribute his knowledge to multiple art exhibitions and projects held at the museum. His expertise has also landed him a seat on the Advisory Board of Nocturnes Journal of Literary Arts.

Taking on a leadership role in the journalism sphere, Miller has been the Managing Editor of the East Bay Express, a weekly publication focusing on news, arts, and culture in the Bay Area. His involvement with the publication has allowed him to express his distinct perspective on various topics, bringing light to important issues and artists in the region.

D. Scot Miller’s works have been featured in numerous websites, magazines, and books, including How to Go Mad without Losing Your Mind: Madness and Black Radical Crea. Through his impressive career journey, Miller has undoubtedly played an essential role in showcasing the beauty and depth of Afrosurreal arts and literature, solidifying his place as a key figure in the movement

Book Works

The Afrosurreal Manifesto

d scott miller books
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D. Scot Miller is the author of the influential work, The Afrosurreal Manifesto. This manifesto has solidified his place as a significant voice in the world of black sci-fi and fantasy culture. Miller’s ideas on Afrosurrealism gained traction in the San Francisco Bay Guardian, where he articulated the movement as a protest against the shortcomings of reality and a way of reimagining our world.

Other Published Books

In addition to The Afrosurreal Manifesto, Miller has contributed his writing to various publications such as the East Bay Express and Nocturnes Journal of Literary Arts. One notable work is “The 21st Century African American Novel and the Critique of Whiteness in Everyday Life.” This book offers insight into the role of racial identity and the exploration of whiteness in contemporary African-American literature. Another notable publication, “Nine-Tenths of the Law,” delves into the intricacies of property ownership and social class in a racially diverse society.

D. Scot Miller’s expertise in the fields of art, literature, and social critique shines through in his exceptional body of work. As a confident, knowledgeable, and clear writer, he remains an important figure in the ongoing conversations surrounding black culture and identity.


San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

D. Scot Miller is a distinguished Columnist-In-Residence at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMoMA). With a focus on art and culture, Miller’s extensive knowledge in the field has made him a valuable contributor to various websites and magazines. He is also an advisory board member of Nocturnes Journal of Literary Arts. His work, displayed at SFMoMA, has been widely appreciated for its depth and understanding of contemporary and modern art.

The East Bay Express

As the managing editor of The East Bay Express, D. Scot Miller has showcased his prowess and expertise in the world of art and culture. In addition to his role at East Bay Express, Miller has also contributed to the Oakland Magazine and Alameda Magazine as a former associate editor. Miller was the founder of the Afrosurreal arts movement through his publication of “The Afrosurreal Manifesto” in The San Francisco Bay Guardian on May 20, 2009. This publication solidified his position as a key figure in contemporary art and the Afrosurreal arts movement.

Miller’s association with renowned author Ishmael Reed further exemplifies his dedication and commitment to art. As a celebrated writer and critic, his insights and perspectives on various topics have been cited in numerous books. This demonstrates Miller’s influence and recognition within the art community, further cementing his impeccable reputation as a knowledgeable and confident contributor in both the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and The East Bay Express.

Influences and Theories

Afrosurreal Arts Movement

D. Scot Miller’s work is heavily influenced by the Afrosurreal Arts Movement, which is a cultural movement that explores the intersection of Afrofuturism and surrealism. This movement delves into themes such as alternative realities, mysticism, and the fantastical elements inherent in black culture. Afrosurrealism often incorporates elements from Afrofuturism and Afro-fabulations, presenting unconventional narratives that challenge societal norms and expectations of black life.

Through the lens of Afrosurrealism, D. Scot Miller uses innovative approaches to portray the queer drama of black life. His work breaks free from restrictive stereotypes and presents a fresh perspective on the complexities of identity, race, and sexuality. The surreal elements found in Miller’s works serve to emphasize the intricacies and multiplicities of black experiences and challenge conventional narratives.

Therapy and Psychotherapy

Another significant influence in D. Scot Miller’s work is the exploration of therapy and psychotherapy. Miller’s books often incorporate concepts and theories from these therapeutic disciplines, revealing the importance of understanding and healing the mind in order to navigate the challenges of life.

Therapeutic concepts, such as introspection, self-awareness, and emotional healing, can be found throughout Miller’s writings. These themes emphasize the importance of personal growth and reflection in overcoming adversity and developing resilience. By integrating these therapeutic concepts into his works, Miller highlights the significance of self-care and mental health within the larger context of societal and cultural issues.

In conclusion, D. Scot Miller’s works are deeply influenced by the Afrosurreal Arts Movement and the principles of therapy and psychotherapy. His writings navigate complex themes related to identity, race, and mental health, offering readers unique and compelling perspectives on the multifaceted experiences of black life.

Book Reviews and Recommendations

Goodreads Reviews

D. Scot Miller is the author of Black Futurists Speak which has a 3.79 average rating on Goodreads. This book has 19 ratings and 1 review, highlighting the thought-provoking and powerful work that showcases Afrofuturism as a genre. In addition to this, Miller has also written the Afrosurreal Manifesto which has a 4.00 average rating.

D. Scot Miller is a photographer whose work has appeared in various books such as Walden – receiving a 3.78 average rating on Goodreads – and My First Summer in the Sierra with a 4.07 average rating. His photography has been praised for its stunning visuals that bring classic literature to life.

Genre Recommendations

For those who are interested in exploring more books within the Afrofuturism and Afrosurrealism genres, it is worthwhile to check out new releases and recommendations from Goodreads. Readers can follow D. Scot Miller’s Goodreads author page to stay up to date with his latest works and projects, which may offer fresh perspectives and compelling stories around these themes.

In the case of Scot Miller’s photographic works, readers can explore the environmentalism and nature-focused genres, where they can find books showcasing the beauty of landscapes and adventures in the wild. To discover other photography books that highlight classic literature, one can keep an eye on recommendations and reviews from fellow Goodreads users who share similar interests.

In conclusion, both D. Scot Miller and Scot Miller have created unique and captivating works in their respective fields. By exploring different genres and recommendations through Goodreads, readers can expand their literary horizons and be inspired by the creativity of these authors.

Additional Works


D. Scot Miller, a talented author, has made significant contributions to the world of poetry through his works. His unique writing style encapsulates elements of history, memoir, and Afrosurrealism, presenting readers with a fresh perspective on the African American experience. Some of his contributions to poetry include publications in various literary journals such as Nocturnes Journal of Literary Arts.

Essays and Interviews

An insightful writer, Miller has also made a mark in the field of essays, covering topics like cultural criticism, race, and identity. As an Arts Editor of The East Bay Express and a Columnist-In-Residence at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, he has delved into various essential themes of contemporary society, contributing timely and engaging pieces for numerous platforms.

In addition to his essay writing, D. Scot Miller has also conducted and participated in interviews with prominent figures in the arts and cultural sectors. His unique perspective and inquisitive nature enable him to obtain insightful answers and observations from his interviewees, adding valuable conversations to the ongoing discourse. These interviews and discussions often focus on topics such as the Black experience and Afrofuturism, enriching both readers and listeners through well-crafted conversations.

Reader Demographics

Young Adults

D. Scot Miller’s books, such as Black Futurists Speak, appeal to a diverse range of readers, especially young adults. This demographic enjoys exploring genres such as science fiction, graphic novels, and young adult fiction. Miller’s works, which are deeply rooted in the Afrosurreal Arts Movement, offer a fresh and unique perspective in these areas. His distinctive voice and themes entice young adults who seek thought-provoking and imaginative stories that resonate with the current cultural climate and social issues.


Adult readers also find great value in Miller’s literary contributions. His books encompass genres like nonfiction, historical fiction, and business, all of which cater to the tastes and preferences of various adult readers. In particular, Miller’s Afrosurreal Manifesto provides a sophisticated analysis that resonates with individuals interested in art, culture, and politics. This work, along with his other publications, offers rich insights into psychology, horror, romance, science, thrillers, and travel, all of which are popular genres among adult readers.

Miller’s writing has garnered attention in several literary platforms, such as the Museum of Modern Art and the Nocturnes Journal of Literary Arts. Both young adult and adult readers appreciate his expertise and dedication to his craft, which is evident in his diverse publications that cover biography, children’s, Christian, classics, comics, cookbooks, eBooks, fiction, sports, and self-help genres. Consequently, D. Scot Miller’s books attract reader demographics across various age groups and interests, demonstrating his versatile and prolific writing skills.

Noteworthy Recognitions and Awards

D. Scot Miller is an accomplished writer and founder of The Afrosurreal Arts Movement, known for his publication of The Afrosurreal Manifesto in The San Francisco Bay Guardian. In addition to being an influential voice in the literary world, Miller has received recognition and awards for his work.

Miller’s book, Black Futurists Speak, has garnered positive reviews and ratings, reflecting the impact of his writing on readers. This collection of essays gives voice to various Black artists, activists, and academics who envision a new future informed by the past, present, and an unwavering belief in their power to shape it.

As the Arts Editor of The East Bay Express, Columnist-In-Residence at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and an Advisory Board Member of Nocturnes Journal of Literary Arts, D. Scot Miller’s contributions to the literary and artistic community have been instrumental in promoting diverse voices and perspectives. His work has not only enriched the field but also earned him respect and recognition from his peers.

Moreover, Miller’s work has been cited in several books, such as How to Go Mad without Losing Your Mind: Madness and Black Radical Creativity, further showcasing his influence in the literary world and the significance of his contributions.

In conclusion, D. Scot Miller’s achievements in the world of literature and activism, including his popular book Black Futurists Speak and his influential Afrosurreal Manifesto, demonstrate the impact of his work on readers, fellow writers, and the artistic community as a whole. His recognitions and awards stand as a testament to the importance of his contributions in shaping the present and future of Afrofuturism and Afrosurrealism.