What makes a good story? This is a question I’m often asked, my little lemon drizzles, and depending […]

So, my little putrid jellyfishes, I do sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed the weekend. In Shallow Creek the weather […]

Welcome to Shallow Creek… You’ll never want to leave. We’re counting down the days until May 31st when […]

Online from 19 January to 19 February 2018! A festival accessible to everyone, in all places, everywhere in […]

One hardly need have one’s finger on the pulse of the publishing industry to guess that the office […]

I press my pen down against the paper again and grind the fresh tip aimlessly into a dull […]

The trees were no more than cracks against the sky when she came. Her cloak of crow feathers […]

We pull into the motel parking lot a little after nine in the morning. I park the old […]

‘I’m scared,’ David whispered. We were in the elevator as it hurtled towards the ground and the small […]

The purpose of a book review is to give you an opinion, dear reader, as to whether the […]