I became a consumer in 1967. Like those women appearing with alarming frequency on the cover of the […]

None of us had an easy time being in the play The Laramie Project, but I think Jay […]

On the surface, A Love That Never Dies could be interpreted simply as two grieving parents (Jimmy Edmonds […]

The 1986 Chernobyl electrical explosion revealed the deficiencies, ignorance, and complacency within the Soviet political and administrative system, […]

The following is an excerpt from a memoir about teaching ESL in South Korea. Everyone had their own […]

Like most of my generation I am unfamiliar with death. As a Baby Boomer I was born after […]

“WE’RE BIG SO WHAT” screams the Star Magazine headline. The cover features three unflattering photos of overweight female […]

With little success I have tried to write non-Jewish tales for Australia’s largely non-Jewish market, but like pop-up […]

My boyfriend Eric and I are having breakfast at Good Day Café, and I hear a voice too […]

Love is just love, as much as we’d like to believe in its magic. My love for Craig […]