If Ghost House had been released ten years ago, perhaps it wouldn’t feel as derivative and unoriginal as […]

If you’ve seen the first Deadpool you’ll be more than aware of what to expect this time round. […]

On the surface, A Love That Never Dies could be interpreted simply as two grieving parents (Jimmy Edmonds […]

The mid 1970’s were a bleak time for comedy: If you need proof, just check out the lapel […]

Infinity War is the culmination of Disney/Marvel’s game-changing cinematic universe building; after ten years and eighteen films, this […]

Youths today, eh? There’s nothing quite like the sight of a gang of pockmarked, track-suited youths gawping lethargically […]

Thoroughbreds appears to have come out of nowhere, with little in the way of advance publicity. The truth […]

Not every horror film should reinvent the wheel. A great horror film can come with the baggage and […]

Guilt is a tricky thing that can undo a person entirely. From Poe’s Tell Tale Heart, to Christian […]

If you’re expecting scripted exchanges parallel to Hamlet or Macbeth, you’re probably in the wrong cinema screen. If, […]