In the bedroom, Garrett was doing sit-ups while holding a magazine, and telling Amber why he couldn’t possibly […]

I must find The Machine. Darkness and prisons. The gargoyle of modern architecture turned inside out so that […]

Marion Murdock; World Champion boxer best remembered for fatally defeating an opponent in 1962,executed his drills in the […]

It’s funny how life works out. After four excruciating years in the small press scene, I was famous. […]

HIM – I teeter at the edge of the pavement, my feet hovering over the cracked asphalt. A […]

There were a lot of strange smells underneath the kitchen table. It was a lower register with its […]

On Monday morning of his third workweek, small arms fire echoed throughout the office, a sharp popping, four […]

Her Most of the world is perceived through a blurred lens. Fathers see their daughters through tinted glass, […]

14) The Heart Shaped Box – Joe Hill He bought it, in the shape of the dead man’s […]

Thank you to everyone who entered the STORGY Halloween Short Story Competition! It was a pleasure to read […]