For those of you who the name Adam O’Riordan doesn’t ring any bells then this review is for […]

i. It was the line of those hills seen from a distance that started it. At first, purple-grey […]

The Equestrienne is an interesting, slightly odd, debut from Slovak author Ursula Kovalyk. It is published by Parthian […]

It had come to Mike’s attention that there was something wrong with Samantha, and as a result, she […]

You could make out the pink ring around her nipple through her dress, each bud rippling the silk […]

She came from Spain with two things: firstly, a small bag holding a pendant, a bracelet and very […]

We recommend reading the prequel ‘Soul Machina’ before exploring ‘An Eye For A Butterfly’: Soul Machina An Eye […]

Chapter 1: The Couple Perhaps it was the measured breathing which woke me, or the repetitive rhythm shaking […]

  Necropolis: London and its Dead by Catherine Arnold An engrossing journey through the evolution of the capital’s […]

The Complete Double Dead by CHUCK WENDIG  The concept for Double Dead is genius: in a zombie apocalypse, […]