That fat shit Tera is having a go at Mollie again. Fourth time today. About her pigtails now. […]

She sits at her dressing table and stares at her reflection.  An old woman stares back.  She is […]

I suppose–before I tell you of the events that led to the robbery and its subsequent aftermath–I should […]

“The sapphire river of life will float my body over rocky bends to a sandy shore where I’ll […]

1. Exhaust fumes billowed out the back of the removal van parked in my new neighbor’s driveway. A […]

He stood on the sidewalk in front of the Chinese restaurant watching Ziptie doing something in the parking […]

Cairo, Egypt, July 1800 Scritch, scritch, scritch. The fine metal tip gouged the bronze to exactly the right […]

The bloody entrails tumble from the carcass like strings of misshapen sausages. Hayden guides them into a bucket […]

You slide your hand under the pillows. As it travels across the sheets like a great hovercraft traversing […]

Unencumbered by obscene wealth, Warynne carved out a sun spot in a city that screamed with artificial light. […]