One of the ways I can describe ‘The Reservoir Tapes’ is like a dessert after a huge feast […]

Once, a long time ago, a writer known as Nate Crowley foolishly decided to tweet a fake video-game […]

The imprint of Penguin, ‘Doubleday’ is publishing yet another gem, now from the debut author Amanda Berriman. Her […]

Sarah Maria Griffin opens up ‘Spare and Found Parts’ with three rules: 1.) The sick in the Pale, […]

Adulterant – Noun – Plural Noun: adulterants – a substance used to adulterate another. Adulterate – render (something) […]

‘The world is shrouded in snow. Transport has ground to a halt. Tom must venture out into a […]

With such a busy January behind us, we thought it best to pull together all our goings on […]

Gregory Norminton has set himself a tricky task with his fifth novel, The Devil’s Highway. It attempts to […]

Betrayal. Sacrifice. Survival. Welcome to the Extinction Trails Well if that doesn’t grab your attention I am sure […]

Quick Verdict I haven’t enjoyed a book quite as much as this in a long time. A post-apocalyptic dystopian ripping yarn, […]