There is so much with This Dreaming Isle to marvel at, from the inception of the remarkable concept […]

Fox 8 by George Saunders is a feat of great storytelling, it’s an enchanting and darkly comic fable […]

Fantasy has had a bit of a resurgence in the last ten years or so with the likes […]

I am not a huge fan of fantasy books and so this was a bit different for me […]

Old friends, isolated locations and secrets abound in this atmospheric and gripping murder mystery reminiscent of many an […]

Briseis was a queen before the Greeks came. Now she is a slave to the man who killed […]

Walter Turner – a dentist from Mississippi, has shot a lion. Not just any lion. He’s shot Cyril, […]

It is both bizarre and resonant that, in the same year Donald Trump has declared he is going […]

Short story anthologies are [for me at least] a treat. Something to dip in and out of, to […]

Adrian J Walker is back, following up on his wonderful dystopian novel THE LAST DOG ON EARTH with […]