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BOOK REVIEW: An Account of the Decline of the Great Auk, According To one Who Saw It by Jessie Greengrass

With a title that could be classified as a short story within itself comes the brilliant collection of stories by Jessie Greengrass ‘An Account Of The Decline Of The Great Auk, According To One Who Saw It’ (which future references will be classified as ‘An Account Of…’). What can sometimes be missing from anthologies of

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FICTION: Cold Spring by Martin Westlake

It hit them as they walked down to the tracks, a hot urban fug heavy with diesel fumes and the thrum of engines. ‘Where did that come from?’ Sonia asked. ‘It’s a hot day, remember?’ Jerry replied. Let’s hope there’s air conditioning in the train. We’ll be boiled alive if there isn’t.’ ‘Ah, Jerry said.

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FICTION: The Leak by Jacob Enos

“Come on, where is it?” Dan Boker was hunched over the dresser’s top drawer and pawing through its contents. When he couldn’t find the object in question, he began grabbing handfuls of socks and underwear and proceeded to toss the garments over his shoulder. “Fuck! Where the fuck is it!” Chelsea came into the bedroom

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FICTION: The White Throne by Ryan Napier

I tried not to. I held out as long as I could. But eventually, it happened. I started watching The White Throne. The White Throne was a show about a mythical kingdom. It had dragons and dwarves and armies and princesses, and they were all fighting to sit on the White Throne. They betrayed and

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FICTION: The Coward by Kate Fitzpatrick

George regretted choosing a Friday to tell his kids about her. Friday had seemed ideal – end of the week, everyone’s relaxed, Lynda and what’s-his-face – Tim –would be on their date night and popping wine corks would echo down the terraced cul-de-sac. But now, sitting outside his former house at his former kerb in

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FILM REVIEW: I Am Not Your Negro

“Not everything that is faced can be changed…but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” Running through the veins of Raoul Peck’s documentary-essay is this vital and impassioned message, written by the American novelist James Baldwin in the pages of an unfinished manuscript entitled Remember This House, on which this film is based. The

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BOOK REVIEW: The Forensic Record Society by Magnus Mills

‘The Forensic Record Society’ is written by the award winning, Booker and Goldsmiths Prize-shortlisted author Magnus Mills. With a surreal exploration into the world of records that is as hilarious as it is enlightening and yet told in the fantastic style that Magnus Mills fans will recognise from the get go. Mills opens the lid

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BOOK REVIEW: All the Beloved Ghosts by Alison MacLeod

Alison MacLeod is a Man Booker Prize longlisted author (Unexploded) a critically acclaimed novelist and short story writer. Her story collection Fifteen Modern Tales of Attraction (Penguin) was deemed to be ‘as inventive as it is original’. She is a decorated short story writer winning The Society of Authors’ Short Fiction Award, shortlisted for the BBC National Short

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MUSIC: Happy Happy Joy Joy

HAPPY ALMOST WEEKEND STORGY READERS! Here’s a little mix to make you tap those Friday feet! *

GAMES: STORGY Plays Resident Evil 7

Watch the STORGY Team navigate their way through Resident Evil 7… Part 4 If you missed the previous parts, click below: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Visit the STORGY YouTube Channel here… Subscribe to the STORGY YouTube Channel and never miss a film and game review again.