Call the Canaries Home: 4.2 Stars Family Fiction Novel – Worth Your Time?

If you’re searching for a captivating novel that will transport you to another world, we have a fantastic recommendation for you: “Call the Canaries Home” by Laura Barrow. Published by Lake Union Publishing, this gripping story spans 303 pages, making it an ideal read for those long evenings or weekend escapes.

Recently, we had the pleasure of diving into this novel ourselves and found it truly engaging. Without a doubt, the author has a keen ability to paint vivid images with her words. The book is printed in English, ensuring clear, precise storytelling for all to enjoy.

Though we don’t want to spoil too much of the plot, it’s safe to say that “Call the Canaries Home” is an intriguing read, filled with unexpected twists and turns. The moderate size of the paperback book makes it comfortable to hold, and its 11.2-ounce weight is just right for carrying around.


Bottom Line

Overall, “Call the Canaries Home” delivers a truly immersive experience that will keep you guessing until the very end.

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Overview of Call the Canaries Home: A Novel

In this captivating novel, we follow the emotional journey of three sisters as they navigate through love, loss, and the complexities of family dynamics. The protagonist, Marylynn Pritchett, affectionately known as Meemaw, serves as the glue that holds the family together. When she falls ill, secrets from the past, which have created rifts among the sisters, begin to unravel.

A unique aspect of this novel is the use of multiple perspectives. Each chapter is narrated from a different character’s viewpoint, allowing the reader to connect deeply with each family member. This genuine portrayal of various personalities adds layers to the story and enhances the reader’s experience.

As the sisters work through their past conflicts, the book touches on themes of understanding, forgiveness, and rebuilding relationships. One of the primary driving forces behind the plot is the family mystery at its core. It keeps you on your toes, eager to discover hidden truths, making it a page-turner that many readers have enjoyed.

Though this emotionally gripping novel may bring out various emotions in its readers, the well-developed characters and engrossing storyline make it a worthwhile read for anyone interested in delving into the intricacies of family life.

Beneficial Characteristics

“Call the Canaries Home” is a captivating novel that has gained the affection of many readers, as evidenced by its 4.2 rating and 28,118 total reviews. The book, written by Laura Barrow, was published by Lake Union Publishing on July 1, 2023. With a print length of 303 pages, the story revolves around the lives of three sisters trying to find their way back to each other after a tragic event.

The engaging writing style captures the hearts of readers as the author tells the story through varying perspectives, including those of the sisters and their grandmother, resulting in a relatable and highly enjoyable reading experience. The book expertly delves into various family dynamics such as love, loss, understanding, and forgiveness, making it a touching and emotional journey for readers.

The mystery element added to the storyline keeps the reader on the edge of their seat, with a wish to know more about the characters and their past. Filled with well-developed characters and a captivating storyline, “Call the Canaries Home” is a novel that readers are sure to recommend to others.

Novel’s Intricate Storyline

The intricate storyline of “Call the Canaries Home: A Novel” takes readers on an enthralling journey. The author, Laura Barrow, demonstrates her prowess in weaving an engaging tale that immerses readers in the world crafted within its pages. The plot delivers a perfect blend of suspense, romance, and intrigue, keeping readers captivated from start to finish.

One of the commendable aspects of the narrative is its unraveling of unexpected twists and turns, which adds an element of surprise, maintaining a strong grip on readers’ attention. However, some might find the storyline a bit complex to follow, especially for those new to this genre.

“Call the Canaries Home: A Novel” leaves a lasting impression on readers, thanks to its captivating and intricate storyline, and is a must-read for those seeking an enthralling tale that showcases the power of storytelling.

Characters and Their Development

In “Call the Canaries Home: A Novel,” the story revolves around three sisters and their resilient grandmother, Meemaw. The author masterfully develops these characters, dedicating each chapter to a different character’s perspective. This approach allows readers to gain a deep understanding of their thoughts, emotions, and motivations. Meemaw, a compelling character from the small town of Muscadine, Louisiana, serves as a force that brings the family back together after a tragedy.

While the sisters navigate the complexities of family dynamics and rediscover relationships, the novel’s mystery element keeps readers engaged. The author’s portrayal of love, loss, understanding, and forgiveness touches upon universal themes. Throughout the story, the author crafts convincingly authentic and unique characters that charm readers. However, some readers may find the heightened emotions challenging to read at times. Overall, the character development in “Call the Canaries Home” provides a captivating and enjoyable reading experience.

Pros and Cons


“Call the Canaries Home” is a novel that has been well-received by readers for its in-depth exploration of family dynamics, particularly sibling relationships. The story follows three sisters and their journey through love, loss, and finding their way back to each other. Many readers appreciated how each chapter was written from a different character’s perspective, providing a multifaceted view of the story.

One of the standout characters is Meemaw, a grandmother who serves as the heart of the story. Readers found her to be a loveable and compelling character, one that many could relate to. In addition to the engaging characters, the novel also incorporates a mystery element that adds an extra layer of excitement to the reading experience.

The author’s writing style has been praised for its clarity and captivating storytelling. Even readers who found the subject matter emotionally charged and difficult to read praised the novel for its well-developed characters and strong narrative.


While “Call the Canaries Home” has enjoyed numerous positive reviews, it might not be for everyone. Some readers might find the emotional intensity of the story overwhelming, as it touches upon difficult themes such as tragedy, loss, and forgiveness. This could be potentially challenging for some readers to engage with.

Moreover, as the novel is heavily focused on sisterhood and family relationships, it may not resonate with those who do not share similar experiences or who are looking for a different type of story.

In conclusion, “Call the Canaries Home” is an engrossing novel primarily praised for its compelling characters, engaging storyline, and unique narrative structure. However, its emotional intensity and specific subject matter may not appeal to all readers.

Assessment of Customer Reviews

“Call the Canaries Home,” a novel that revolves around the struggles and relationships of three sisters, has received numerous positive reviews. With an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon, the compelling story seems to have impressed most readers. Fans especially loved the strong character of Meemaw, the grandmother, who serves as the central figure.

One common praise among reviewers is the emotional impact the book offers. It touches on various themes such as love, loss, forgiveness, and family dynamics. The switching perspectives between the sisters and the grandmother in each chapter has been appreciated as well, as it adds depth to the storytelling.

Additionally, the book incorporates a mystery element that keeps readers engaged and eager to uncover the truth. Many have also mentioned how relatable the story is, especially for those who have siblings.

Although some readers found it quite an emotional read, they positively noted how it has them looking forward to the author’s next work. Overall, the novel is highly recommended for its well-developed characters, captivating plot, and relatability.


In summary, “Call the Canaries Home” is a captivating novel that explores family dynamics, love, loss, and forgiveness. The story is centered around three sisters and their grandmother, Meemaw, who is a truly memorable character. The narrative is skillfully presented from different perspectives, allowing readers to gain a deeper understanding of each character’s emotions and experiences.

Many readers have enjoyed the plot’s family mystery aspect, and the book has received a favorable overall rating of 4.2 stars from over 28,000 reviewers. The writing style of Laura Barrow is engaging, making it a captivating read for fans of family-centered stories.

While the novel may evoke strong emotions in some readers, most find it a heartwarming and relatable story that highlights the importance of family connections and forgiveness. If you’re looking for a well-written, character-driven novel that delves into intricate family relationships, “Call the Canaries Home” is worth considering.