blue chameleon - book by emily


Blue Chameleon: A Journey of Colors and Emotions

“Blue Chameleon” is a captivating children’s book penned by the versatile author and illustrator, Emily Gravett. The blue chameleon, the protagonist, embarks on an awe-inspiring journey of emotions, hues, and shapes, which is beautifully woven into the book’s simple yet moving narrative.

The Blue Chameleon: A Versatile Protagonist

The blue chameleon, the protagonist, is a symbol of emotional complexity and versatility. The creature starts its journey in a state of melancholy, portrayed through its blue color and slumped posture. The chameleon’s ability to change its color and shape to match its surroundings is a stunning illustration of adaptability and resilience.

The Evolution of Emotions

As the chameleon ventures through its journey, it experiences a wide spectrum of emotions. Excitement, hope, curiosity, and despair are all felt by the chameleon as it interacts with different creatures and objects, hoping to find a friend. This emotional journey is a reflection of the protagonist’s yearning to fit in and find companionship – a theme that echoes with children and adults alike.

Artistic Excellence

Gravett’s artistic brilliance is evident in every page of the book. The detailed colored-pencil drawings on rough paper give the book a warm, inviting feel. The chameleon’s transformations are a visual treat, with every disguise intricately designed to replicate the colors and patterns of the creature or object it mimics. The blend of art and narrative adds depth to the story, making it an enjoyable read for children and adults.

Critical Acclaim

The Blue Chameleon has garnered praise from various quarters. Publishers Weekly appreciates Gravett’s charming art, while The Horn Book sees potential for the book to be used in exploring moods and for dramatic play. Kirkus Reviews considers the book a valuable addition to children’s literature on chameleons and friendship.

A Delightful Ending

The chameleon’s journey culminates in a happy ending. After a series of unsuccessful attempts to befriend various creatures and objects, the chameleon finally finds a companion who understands and accepts it. This colorful and cheerful conclusion brings a sense of relief and joy, rounding off the narrative on a positive note.

A Book for All Ages

While the simple text and expressive art make “Blue Chameleon” an ideal choice for toddlers, the book’s underlying themes of acceptance, resilience, and the quest for companionship resonate with older children too. Thus, the book transcends age boundaries, appealing to a broad audience.

Emily Gravett: The Author and Illustrator

Emily Gravett is a renowned author and illustrator, known for her unique narrative style and stunning illustrations. Her talent for blending humor, wit, and charm into her stories is well showcased in “Blue Chameleon.” This book is yet another feather in her cap, adding to her impressive portfolio of children’s literature.

Where to Find the Book

The “Blue Chameleon” is available for purchase online. Readers can also explore more about Emily Gravett and her other works on her author website.

Final Thoughts

“Blue Chameleon” is a testament to Gravett’s storytelling prowess and artistic brilliance. The book’s depiction of a chameleon’s journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and friendship is both insightful and entertaining. It’s a book that kids will love and adults will appreciate, making it a worthy addition to any children’s bookshelf.