Becoming Muhammad Ali: Must-Read For Young Boxing Enthusiasts

Becoming Muhammad Ali, James Patterson

Looking for an inspiring read for young readers? We recently had the pleasure of diving into “Becoming Muhammad Ali” by James Patterson, and it didn’t disappoint. This captivating book focuses on the early years of the legendary boxer, Cassius Clay, who later became known as Muhammad Ali. With a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, it’s clear this book has touched the hearts of many readers.

The story offers an intriguing glimpse into the life and experiences that shaped this extraordinary sports figure. Young readers, particularly those aged 9 to 11, will find the book relatable and easy to understand, thanks to its engaging writing style. The language is English, and the book is published by Jacaranda. With its compact dimensions (4.96 x 1.1 x 7.8 inches) and lightweight (10.2 ounces), it’s perfect for carrying around or for a cozy reading session at home.

However, it’s worth mentioning that while the book is indeed inspiring, it may not provide enough depth for those well-acquainted with Muhammad Ali’s life and career. This book is better suited for readers who are new to the world of boxing or are just getting to know the legendary figure.

Bottom Line

“Becoming Muhammad Ali” is a captivating and enjoyable read for young readers gaining insight into the life of an iconic sports figure. If your kids are eager to learn more about the early life and challenges faced by Muhammad Ali, this is the perfect book to spark their interest.

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Becoming Muhammad Ali: An Overview

This book offers a fascinating insight into the early life of legendary boxer, Muhammad Ali. Co-authored by James Patterson and Kwame Alexander, it provides readers with an engaging narrative that combines prose and verse, showcasing the formative years of Ali’s career. From his initial interest in boxing to his rise as a heavyweight champion, readers can journey alongside Ali through his experiences, struggles, and achievements, bringing them closer to understanding this iconic figure.

In a unique way, the book highlights Ali’s resilience, determination, and transformation into one of the greatest sports heroes of all time. While primarily focused on his boxing career, it also delves into the social and political aspects of the era, enriching the reader’s experience. However, it may not extensively cover his entire life, so those seeking a comprehensive biography may have to explore other sources. Overall, “Becoming Muhammad Ali” offers a captivating read for boxing fans and history enthusiasts alike.

Discovering the Young Ali

Diving into the pages of “Becoming Muhammad Ali” takes the reader on a journey exploring the life of a young Cassius Clay before he became the renowned boxer Muhammad Ali. This collaboration by James Patterson and Kwame Alexander offers an engaging mix of prose and poetry, which captures the reader’s attention.

The book delves into Ali’s struggles and triumphs in his early years and serves as an inspiring read for children and adults alike, teaching the values of courage and determination. Readers have found this book to be motivational, with many sharing positive reviews about enjoying the story themselves, gifting it to others or introducing it to their classrooms.

However, some readers express that the book could have dedicated more focus on showcasing Ali’s kindness and sweetness as a human being. Nevertheless, “Becoming Muhammad Ali” stands as a compelling and well-written introduction to the legendary sports figure and his journey of transformation.

Unearthing the Inspirational Journey

“Becoming Muhammad Ali” takes readers on a captivating exploration of the early life of a legendary athlete. Through its strong narrative, this book provides a glimpse of Ali’s journey, including both highs and lows. Readers will appreciate the confident and knowledgeable tone, which offers a neutral and informative account of his life.

The good aspects of the book include the engaging storytelling, shedding light on the motivation and drive behind Ali’s rise to fame. It’s a treat to feel like you’ve shared his experiences. On the flip side, some readers may find the book lacking more in-depth analysis. However, considering that the book intends to capture an inspirational account, the authors did a commendable job.

Overall, “Becoming Muhammad Ali” is a great read for those wanting an insight into the life of an exceptional athlete. The clear and engaging writing will surely spark an interest in learning about this outstanding individual.

Pros and Cons


This book, “Becoming Muhammad Ali”, has garnered an impressive 4.8-star rating on Amazon, with many readers sharing their love for the story. It’s a fantastic book for children that teaches the importance of perseverance, courage, and resilience through the depiction of Boxing legend, Muhammad Ali.

Adults and children alike enjoy this inspirational read. The writing is praised for its seamless blend of prose and poetry, providing an accessible introduction to poetry for young readers. Additionally, the beautiful illustrations scattered throughout the book capture the imaginations of middle schoolers while telling the story of Cassius Clay’s upbringing in a segregated society.

Besides being an excellent educational resource for children, the book has also served as a catalyst for motivation and passion. Some readers have shared that their children were inspired to explore boxing, igniting newfound interests in sports and physical fitness.


A few readers felt that some aspects of Muhammad Ali’s character, such as his kindness and inherent sweetness, were not given full justice in the book. Although it tells a comprehensive story of Ali’s beginning and end, capturing his complete personality might have added extra value to it.

However, it’s essential to remember that the main focus of this book is to provide children with an inspiring tale of courage and determination. While it may not have covered all aspects of Ali’s life in-depth, it certainly achieves its intention of motivating young readers to overcome challenges and be fearless like the legendary sports icon.

Overall, “Becoming Muhammad Ali” is a captivating and engaging book that majority of readers both young and old highly recommend. While some may wish for more intricate details on Ali’s personality, the positive impact it has on children and the lessons it imparts far outweigh the potential shortcomings.

Voices of the Customers

People who purchased “Becoming Muhammad Ali” have been overwhelmingly positive about the book. Many expressed how the book was inspiring and engaging for both children and adults. One reader mentioned how it became a highly sought-after book in their fourth-grade classroom, sparking interest in the legendary Muhammad Ali.

Customers also appreciated the book’s seamless blend of poetry and prose, making it an accessible introduction to poetry for young readers. The biography covers Ali’s childhood, touching on topics such as his life growing up during segregation, which adds a layer of historical context.

A few readers shared personal anecdotes of meeting Ali in real life, while others mentioned how the book influenced their children to develop an interest in boxing and sports in general. However, one reviewer did note that the book might not capture some aspects of Ali’s kindness and warmth as accurately as they wished.

Overall, customers highly recommend “Becoming Muhammad Ali” as an inspiring, engaging, and educational read for people of all ages.

Final Thoughts

In our opinion, “Becoming Muhammad Ali” is an engaging and inspiring book that is worth considering for young readers, sports lovers, and fans of the legendary boxer. The collaboration between renowned authors James Patterson and Kwame Alexander results in a beautiful narration that combines both prose and poetry, offering an approachable introduction to poetry for readers.

The book tells the story of Cassius Clay’s childhood, his journey through challenges, and how he fought to stand up for himself and become the courageous and fearless legend we know as Muhammad Ali. The well-crafted illustrations and the book’s impact on young readers is apparent as it sparks their interest in Ali and the world of boxing.

While some readers may wish for more insight into the kindness and sweetness of Ali’s personality, this captivating biography is still effective in showcasing the early days of Muhammad Ali. Overall, “Becoming Muhammad Ali” is a great choice for children as well as adults, leaving readers inspired and eager to learn more about the life of this phenomenal athlete.