Because of Miss Bridgerton


Because of Miss Bridgerton: An In-Depth Review

Few books have the ability to transport us back in time like Julia Quinn’s “Because of Miss Bridgerton.” This novel, the first in the “Rokesby” series, is a delightful prequel to the widely acclaimed “Bridgerton” series. This comprehensive review will delve into the book’s plot, characters, and unique charm, offering an insight into why this novel has become a favorite among historical romance fans.


“Because of Miss Bridgerton” is a captivating story that takes us back to the Georgian period in England. The tale revolves around the lives of two neighboring families, the Bridgertons and the Rokesbys. Billie Bridgerton, our heroine, is a lively and unconventional lady who finds herself drawn to George Rokesby, the eldest and seemingly most unapproachable of the Rokesby siblings.

The two families have been neighbors for centuries, and Billie has spent her childhood romping around with the younger Rokesby siblings, Edward and Andrew. However, George, the future Earl, has always been distant and seemingly aloof. As the story unfolds, the dynamics between Billie and George evolve from indifference to a love that surprises them both.

Setting and Time Period

The story is primarily set in the picturesque English countryside. The estates of the Bridgertons and Rokesbys serve as the backdrop for most of the plot. The idyllic setting is characteristic of the Georgian era and paints a vivid picture of 18th-century England.


Billie Bridgerton

Billie Bridgerton is the leading character of the novel. She is a spirited and independent woman who defies the conventional norms of her time. She is more interested in managing her father’s estate than attending balls and soirees. Billie’s character is a breath of fresh air in the world of historical romance, making her relatable to modern readers.

George Rokesby

George Rokesby is the heir to the Rokesby Earldom. He is the epitome of responsibility, always considering the consequences of his actions. His serious demeanor is a stark contrast to Billie’s impulsiveness. Despite their differences, George is drawn to Billie’s vivacity, leading to an unexpected romance.


The plot of “Because of Miss Bridgerton” is a slow-burn romance. The book starts with Billie stranded on a rooftop after a failed cat-rescue attempt. George happens to pass by and helps her down, marking the beginning of their tumultuous relationship. The plot builds gradually, with the characters’ feelings evolving from indifference to a deep-seated affection for one another.

Romance and Humor

Julia Quinn is known for her witty dialogue and humorous scenarios, and “Because of Miss Bridgerton” is no exception. The banter between Billie and George is entertaining, making their relationship feel realistic. The novel also explores the trope of “enemies-to-lovers,” adding an exciting twist to the romance.

Unique Aspects

One of the unique aspects of “Because of Miss Bridgerton” is its deviation from the traditional format of romance novels. Instead of rushing into romantic scenes, the novel takes time to develop the relationship between the characters. This slow build-up enhances the readers’ emotional investment in the characters and makes the romance more rewarding.


Although “Because of Miss Bridgerton” has been largely praised, it’s worth noting some points of critique. Some readers found the opening scene a bit drawn out and Billie’s character somewhat difficult to relate to due to her stubbornness and refusal to acknowledge the abilities of others. However, these points did not significantly impact the overall enjoyment of the story.


“Because of Miss Bridgerton” is a delightful read that combines humor, romance, and historical charm. The intriguing characters, engaging plot, and beautiful setting make it a must-read for fans of historical romance. Whether you’re a long-time fan of Julia Quinn or new to her work, this novel is sure to captivate you.

About the Author

Julia Quinn is a bestselling author known for her humorous and heartwarming historical romance novels. Her “Bridgerton” series has been adapted into a popular Netflix series, further cementing her status in the world of romance fiction.


In conclusion, “Because of Miss Bridgerton” is an engaging and heartwarming tale that offers a fresh perspective on historical romance. Despite minor criticisms, the book’s strengths far outweigh its weaknesses, making it a worthy addition to any romance lover’s bookshelf. Its blend of humor, romance, and historical charm is quintessentially Julia Quinn, promising a delightful reading experience.