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Amber Koski joins STORGY

* WELCOME Everyone at STORGY would like to warmly welcome Amber Koski into our creative community. We know you’ll enjoy her unique style and we look forward to working with her on the next batch of STORGY stories. For a brief bio and sample of her work, follow the link below or click on the

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Sian Evan’s New Short Story – Stuck in Traffic

* STUCK IN TRAFFIC  When there was silence it meant those dying were still breathing.  Although, it was never really silent. Not even when death came. It took a certain kind of someone to guide death along: the lists of characteristics were numerous; the list of skills was immeasurable; and the total number of dead

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Anthony Self’s New Short Story – Stuck in Traffic

* STUCK IN TRAFFIC Unlike the two million, eight hundred and sixty three thousand participants behind him, Spencer stood a real chance of winning the race now. He didn’t know how long he’d been in the tunnel but it felt like days. He wiggled forward, spurred on by the notion that he was alive and

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Cathy Vella’s New Short Story – Stuck in Traffic

* “…Karen Taylor lost the case for euthanasia,“ the man on the radio said.  Sarah flicked the radio over to CD and sighed. “If I ever become really ill and I can’t look after myself, promise me that you will put me out of my misery.” “Sure thing,” Neil said, overly upbeat, hoping it would

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Vote for the next STORGY title now!

* Get your votes for the next STORGY title in now! We would like to thank you all for your support which continues to encourage and inspire us to write short stories and share them with you. Thanks STORGY *

Tomek Dzido’s New Short Story – Stuck in Traffic

* The air was getting thin and so were we. We were hungry and weak. Exhausted from the trek to the meeting point and the sharp and sudden farewells to loved ones we might never see again. Family and friends watching us leave, hoping we might change our mind and stay, wishing things were different,

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Benjamin Hewitt’s New Short Story – Stuck in Traffic

* You’re alone in a small, dark exhibition room at the Tate Modern, and on the wall opposite is a three minute film projected on loop. INT. RANDALF’S HOUSE – DAY An impoverished but tidy house in Victorian England. RANDALF paces back and forth in front of his wife MELISSA, who is seated. RANDALF: Our

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Sally-Anne Wilkinson’s New Short Story – STUCK IN TRAFFIC

* You know, Rick, everyone says you can always count on me to be around if you want something to go wrong. Take today for instance – first day of car-sharing and what happens?  It’s kind of funny if you think about it.  Look at all the cars.  None of us are moving anywhere for

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Anthony’s Latest Short Film – REFIX

* Here we have Anthony Self’s latest short film which was produced for the recent 48 Hour Film Competition. * REFIX * *

Tomek Dzido’s new short story

* LOVING RAPUNZEL Loving Rapunzel was easy, killing her wasn’t. It all started a couple of years ago when I went to audition for a West End production of a children’s fairy tale. I’d been waiting with the other hopeful actors outside the audition room when it happened. We were all reading over the lines

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