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Sally-Anne Wilkinson joins STORGY

BREAKING NEWS: Sally-Anne Wilkinson will be joining us on our adventures around the world. A great addition to our team and we’re really excited to have her on board, though not on our ship, fuck that. The one over there, with Wesley Snipes and Ben Fogle.


So this is it. The day you’ve all been waiting for. George Michael is safe and sound and stoned behind the wheel again and pedestrians everywhere can hitchhike to Hampstead once again. Unless of course they’re undercover police who piss in public and promise handcuffs and harm. And not the pleasurable kind, but the variety

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Reader Short Story Submissions

More good news! Like the Bible, only better. Once a month we shall be opening up the short story writing fun to our readers. A title will be picked by us in the usual way and readers will be able to go away and write a short story of their own. These will be submitted

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And the winner is…

The Chosen title is… NEEDLE IN THE STAFF TOILET Now we disappear to write the story. Let the work commence.

1st Title Submissions

Here we have the 1st batch of titles submitted by our readers… By the Light of The Moon I like to Eat the Ice Cubes in my Drinks Gin Sling The Man Who Couldn’t Sneeze Torchlight A Horse With No Voice A Pig Made of Sticks Banannaman Goes to Prison for Tax Evasion and Becomes

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So here we are. Welcome to our new website where reader title submissions are turned into short stories which will send your senses down shit creek without the crack. Every fortnight readers will submit titles which they would like to see turned into short stories and the contributors at STORGY will have seven days to

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